Klipsch Earbud Headphones

October 3, 2012

Klipsch S4 Earbud Headphones

There’s a lot of noise in our house.  There are two toddler-age boys with lots of toys that flash and talk, my husband’s adoration for talk radio, and my own love of music.  That means a constant competition for my ears!  I had a chance to try the Klipsch S4 Earbud Headphones from Best Buy and let me tell you, it’s great to be able to focus on one sound at a time.  The design of these headphones (Which almost look more like something medical than for entertainment) allows for a high level of noise cancellation.  This means that while he’s listening to the news, I can listen to music and enjoy myself a little more in the evening.

bedroom in lodge

These headphones have come just in time for me and are about to get the ultimate test of their abilities!  I’m on my long road trip from MN towards TN for Brandcation today.  I’ll be experiencing real Southern Hospitality from the city of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with 33 other bloggers.  We’ll be spending our day experiencing places like DollywoodDixie Stampede, the Titanic Museum, the Wax Museum, and Country Tonight before retiring to a large cabin at night from Cabin Fever Vacations.  This means 34 women in one cabin though.  I’ll be sleeping with 16 other women in the same room and I’m going to need a way to get a little me-time without everyone else’s noise mixed in.  I can attach these headphones to either my iPhone or iPad to enjoy some nice relaxing music or a round of Angry Birds.   I can’t wait to test them out in Pigeon Forge to escape from the chatting and get some quiet time in a house full if women!!

using ipad with headphones

So why buy these over a cheap pair that claims to have noise cancellation technology?  The S4 headphones not only have great noise cancellation, but they’re designed for comfort.  The soft tips are interchangeable and it comes with several sizes so that you can customize it for your own ears. (This is also great for cleaning it!)  It also has built in strain relief so you don’t become uncomfortable while you’re in your own little musical world.  Heading to Brandcation means an almost 17 hour car ride, so I’m catching up on some reading and streaming music to pass the time during my trip buddy‘s driving shift.

Earbud Headphones


These headphones are an amazing investment for your entertainment needs and came for me at just the right time.  These will be golden for Brandcation and great for trips to family this holiday season after the kids have fallen asleep in the backseat.  I can’t wait to take them to Pigeon Forge with me!

Want to try a pair of them yourself?  You can get your own Klipsch S4 Earbud Headphones from Best Buy for $79.99 and it comes with all of the nifty accessories pictured above.

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  1. These look nice, ive bought ear buds before that have claimed to be noise cancelling and where far from it. Take tons of pictures! I’m interested in what dolly wood is? Lol, hope you and Jen have a blast.

  2. Richard Hicks says:

    nice review. I am always looking for new ear buds. Klipsh is a major brand name and make only the best. GOing to check them out more closely now

  3. my son says these are the best. and yes, I think he is lining up holiday possibilities for me

  4. These might find their way to my Christmas wish list. 🙂 I’m tired of the noise on planes when we fly and most noise cancelling headphones I’ve seen look uncomfortable. Will definitely look into these. Thanks!

  5. I love that it comes with a case. I lose my earbuds all the time and a case would make my life easier 🙂

  6. Those do look like really good quality! I’ll have to remember these when I need to buy a new pair.

  7. Thanks for finally writing about >Klipsch Earbud
    Headphones | Noise Cancelling Headphones <Loved it!

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