Lately I’ve been obsessive about drink ware containers. While I do love a cup with a straw for myself around the house – I also like to have a portable, reusable, and safe container for usage while we’re outside of the home.  KB logo ad

Kid Basix has stepped up in the market for making a great quality line of drinking cups for the whole family.  Kid Basix are made with 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, a natural antimicrobial used in hospitals for it’s cleanliness and durability.


They’re asking that parent’s re-think plastic, because it took so long for the warnings about BPA to become a real issue that parents are concerned about – who knows what else is going on behind the scenes.  Stainless steel is just a safer option.

At first when I saw these, I ordered three of the sports cups.  A larger 16oz one for me – and then two smaller 12oz ones for my boys.  DSC04416

So pretty, Right??

After using them, I quickly realized that Ethan (then, barely 18 months) was getting overly frustrated with opening and closing the pop-top lid.  But no problem, since Kid Basix carries a line of drink ware including bottles and sippy cups as well as their sport cup lines.

So I ordered Ethan a SafeSippy2, which I adore.  It’s got a few different options for use: You can use it simply as a tipping type sippy, or you can put a straw in it and suck the liquids out of the top.  DSC05467

The idea behind this cup is that when younger children are transitioning from a ‘baby’s sippy cup’ to a big kid’s straw cup – do you reach for your straw-adaptor, or your wallet?

It’s important to note with the sippy cup that the valve is not spill-proof.  Important to know for those who use things other than water in their cups. But there is a solution that I love for traveling with your cup – there is an extra insert that fits inside the cup without the valve, so that the cup does in fact become spill proof while it’s in your diaper bag – but can simply be changed out for the real valve when you want to use the cup again.


Overall, I think that Kid Basix is a great design, oh-so-cute, and very practical.


Their cups range in price from about $11 to $16 each and can be found online at or on Amazon.