Believe it or not: there is actually a great deal of work going on behind the pudding face commercials!


Whether or not they scare you: or remind you of scary movies or other terminology for ‘pudding face’ (don’t look it up if you have kids around.) They are hoping to draw a crowd towards their Jell-O pudding and Jell-O Temptations! <A whole other post is deserved for the freakiness of the temptations commercials.>

Jell-O is launching a whole campaign around their pudding and other items.  They want to be sure that people are HAPPY – and are going to try and change the Twitter universe of frowns, upside-down!

While the details are still being worked out on this social-media stunt; they are said to be working on a ‘mood monitor’ on twitter – Where they will randomly select coupons to users found typing the 🙁 face.

“But here’s the catch: users must reply not by typing “:)” but by typing “:D” — which the marketer will tout as the symbol for “pudding face.”  And Kraft will only activate the program if Twitterverse is in a bad mood.”

This Mood Monitor of Kraft’s will be monitoring how many smiley faces or frown faces are being tweeted at any particular point in time.  When the frowns outweigh the smiles; Jell-O’s program will start sending out some love; trying to get the mood of twitter to increase.

Kraft is also launching a similar mood monitoring program for facebook.  Although I’m not even remotely sure how they’re going to handle this type of program, they are working on it Smile

Other parts of the campaign include:

    • 2 new national TV spots that began May 5, 2011
    • Out-of-home advertising in three key markets (New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles) NOTE: specifics still TBD
    • Online media that began May 16, 2011
    • In-store promotional support including dedicated shelf talkers beginning August 2011

All elements of the campaign are working together to remind consumers of the happiness and inexplicable grin that comes over them after enjoying JELL-O Pudding.

      P.S. I thought I’d add that if you Like Jell-O on facebook, you can print off coupons for their Temptation pudding

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