Jell-o Pudding Face Dad??

May 5, 2011

Ok.  Eating Jell-o makes his face do this?  Who would want to eat Jell-o? I’d be scared to death if I was a child watching this commercial – I would not ever be asking my mom for Jell-o Pudding. Scary! For more details on Jell-O’s twitter and Facebook campaigns and to watch the video – See this post: Jell-O Pudding Face Dad Commercial Details.image



  1. He scares me!

  2. Um…. No thanks, FREAKY!!!

  3. Barbara Kaye says:

    Is his face real or is it faked? I wonder whether the makers of Jello know what the urban dictionary defines “pudding face” as?

    • Lol – Of course I had to go look it up. Haha! I don’t think they thought that through too well!

  4. C-R-E-E-P-Y!!

  5. Oh my, nope that does nothing for me! lol But I still love Jell-O!

  6. Gregory Schwartz says:

    I hate this commercial. Makes me think of that old William Castle movie, “Mr. Sardonicus”. Old black & white movie from 1963. He had to rob his father’s grave to retrieve a winning lottery ticket, and he got cursed with a permanent sardonic grin. This commerical is creepy!!!! It would scare me as a child.

    • Andy B says:

      The movie was 1960 and I was afraid of the dark because of it for a lot of years after I stupidly saw it alone when I was 10.

  7. kokobears says:

    lol. his face makes me laugh. i don’t see it as creepy, but funny actually. hahaha i couldn’t stop laughing first time i saw this commercial.

  8. i love jell-o but what they did was straight up creepy and akward the guys smile looks like something of a horror movie or from a local pedophlie

  9. HBCBill says:

    Oddly enough, that’s the same face I make every time I take pain medication.

  10. foxyfem says:

    I think this pudding face commercial is hysterical! There are so many sadistic things out today, this refreshing! Everyone needs to lighten up and look at the humor in this commercial!

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