It’s time to pull out the Winter Clothes

November 10, 2011

Ok, so maybe I did this a few months ago… but either way.

I was going through clothes for my boys – and I thought I had everything covered with Ethan because of all of the clothes that we had for Andrew- But I must be missing a box or something, because I’m having a hard time finding anything warm for Ethan to wear!  I had to buy everything for Andrew, because we don’t have any hand-me-downs any more…


I teamed up with Nike Kids and Levis Kids through Haddad Brands and received a few outfits for each child that will work for this winter!  They are such cute outfits and fit great on my boys  Open-mouthed smile

I’m normally a “jean’s” kind of person – but I’m quickly realizing how difficult it is for an almost 3 year old to be potty trained while wearing Jeans.  They just don’t come off fast enough… Not to mention impossible for them to pull back on!

So I’m happy to have a few pairs of sweat pants and some wind breakers that will be great for our first few ‘outings’ without any diapers on for Andrew.

.          .DSC01051   DSC01298

Both Boys dressed up in their red and black outfits though, are so cute and comfy looking!  A Little long for both of them yet – but both of them are just now growing into their size of clothes Smile
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  1. Those are some cute outfits!!!

  2. Patty White says:

    They look so cute!!

  3. Gladys Parker says:

    The outfits are adorable and I always found if I put them on my kids with a little bit of extra room they would actually look like they were worn as opposed to putting them on right when they fit so they wear them a couple of times and look new to be given away, well in your case passed down. Maybe I just feel this way because my children had so few new outfits.
    Gladys P

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