It Ain’t Over till it’s Over.

September 18, 2011

So.  (what you might not know is that I start almost every sentence and every post with “So.” but then usually delete it. – Good Trivia question Winking smile)


While the diaper ‘Event’ itself is over… I still have a few posts left to do.

There have been a few setbacks with Grovia – being that both of my boys had terrible rashes…  I’ve had a hard time really getting a good feel of their Liners that I am reviewing, and just got my hands on their cream – So that post will go up as soon as things are thoroughly reviewed there.

I also have a few other companies who have come forward and would like me to test their diapers and stores – and so therefore – it goes on Open-mouthed smile

Obviously I still have a lot to learn about cloth diapers and the whole process they take – and the frustrations and changes that go along with it will be shown here still.

However – I have to put a stop to the official words ‘Event’ Because Jen and I are starting our next event tomorrow! (The Birthday Boy Blast!).

Andrew is 1

I am usually not as wordy with all of my reviews – although I try to be thorough – but 1300 words is a little overboard… so I’ll be toning that down quite a bit.

I hope you all enjoyed your time here, getting to know me and my family – and I hope you all stick around for more!  Open-mouthed smile


  1. Yes I love your blog! it really sucks about the rashes, we’ve been dealing with them too often here lately as well.

  2. I had to smile about the 1300 words comment. I tend to be wordy myself.

  3. Gladys Parker says:

    Ugh, either I’ve been late or something is wrong because I can’t find the button words to put it on my sidebar.
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  4. I personally LOVE your wordy reviews. Helps me to know specifically what you like and whether I’m going to like that, too.
    Also, I start lots of things with “so”. Texts, emails, blog posts, actual real conversations…I’m sure it annoys some people. Oh, well 🙂

  5. I like to refer to myself as ‘long-winded’ haha. I constantly use so.

  6. I’ve been loving this “event” and I’ve fallen in love with your blog! 😀

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