I’m a Crappy Mom.

September 19, 2012

I’m pretty happy that this topic was brought up.  There is something about someone else’s truthfulness that makes each person feel a little better.  I’m just scared to talk about it on my own.

So Apparently I missed an interesting “debate” (or Mom-Bully Session) the other day on my friend Jen’s from LifewithLevi.com’s Facebook wall – focused around this photo: (Credit to granolababies.com)

granola babies

There are some pretty harsh comments going on in that post about any choice that any parent has taken, which differs from their views on parenting.

It is frustrating to me that we teach our children that being a bully is bad, but parents feel they can bully other parents’ choices on parenting.

Jen decided to put a post together for us moms and bloggers to reach out, link-up,  and celebrate how {Not} crappy we all are as moms.  I’m not always 100% proud of my own actions, as I’m sure not every mom is (Minus the random few ’perfect’ moms who must be aliens).

Top Ten Things that Make me a “Crappy” Mom!

10. I frequently ask my husband to come home early from work so I can get out of the house for some ‘me’ time.  I tend to do more dates w/my friends than I do with my husband.

9. My house is almost always a mess – at least somewhere. If my upstairs is clean, it means my downstairs is messy: and vice versa. {Although I REALLY don’t think that my house is a ‘gross’ type of mess, just a ‘lot-of-stuff-out-of-place’ type mess.} More often than not, we live out of laundry baskets vs. the dressers and closets.

8.  Both boys are Circumcised, mostly due to appearance.

7. I hated breastfeeding, and was ecstatic when I came back from having my gall-bladder removed and finding out that my son didn’t want my milk any more: and begged and pleaded and tried just about everything to get my youngest to switch to formula, and quit cold-turkey when he finally took a bottle.

6. I tried cloth diapering my boys mostly because I thought it was ‘cute’…. but hated dealing w/the diapers and expense, so I gave up after three months.

5. I forward face both of my boys’ car seats since the day they turned 12 months old, have used a booster seat for my 3 1/2 year old in desperate measures; And yes, I have accidentally driven off with at least one child not buckled before {or w/the buckles but the seat is unknowingly unbuckled to the car].

4. There are days where I am SURE I’ve thrown at least as many temper tantrums as the boys do – and I’ve given myself more time-outs than I have ever given them.

3. I hate cooking.  Or actually, I hate dishes, and preparing fancy meals requires a lot of dishes. I almost never purchase organic, and I bring my kids to McDonalds and even Taco Bell every so often.  Most of our lunches revolve around Corn Dogs, Chicken Nuggets, and Mac&Cheese.

2. I’m not shy about treating my kids with ibuprofen or acetaminophen for minor aches/pains. I also vaccinate them, and have fallen a little behind on Ethan’s Shots (Enough that the city is calling me asking why he’s behind).

1. We teach our children about God {which IMHO does NOT make me a crappy mom} Just a bit different than some of you.  I also teach them that Santa and the Easter Bunny are not real.

family on trip


SEE! So, I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. And we’re all just GREAT moms in that sense that we’re not cookie-cutters in the way we think, act, or deal.  So.  Put on a smile, find a friend with a different approach than you take, and you might learn a thing or two. It’s  good to unite together as imperfect moms, and support and lift each other up.

If you’ve got a blog, and you want to join the party and tell all of us about how un-perfect you are as a mom, that’s great!  Join in, and link-up below!

What are some things that make YOU an imperfect mom? I’d love to hear them! 


  1. Bravo Amy! I am so there with you an most points!

  2. Your city calls you about vaccines? That’s big brother right there.


  3. We got my son circumcised and I forward faced my son as soon as he turned one. Just because someone does something differently, does not mean that it is wrong. Great post.

  4. I love this post!

  5. Wow everything on that list except #1 and #3 I didn’t want to pretend Santa and the Easter bunny exist but hubby wanted sometimes you just have to compromise , and no judging here but I hate to cook to but I never take the kids to taco bell or McDonald’s because I can’t even stomach their food with all the videos and articles I’ve read but Wendy’s is my fave :). I hate to admit the number 8 because I get attacked over it.

  6. Oh, shoot! I am a crappy mom! Hahaha.. #1 is sooooo true! I’m a working mom and I need a break – sometimes more often than I care to admit. =)

  7. I did the same thing with car seats. Guidelines have changed over the years. lol My house, let’s just NOT go there. Processed food has come in very handy around my home. I’d actually like to have a hubby I could call and say, “get you hind end home NOW or I’m running away.” =)

  8. I love coming over and seeing clothes on the bottom of the stairs when you’re getting ready to do laundry. It makes me feel better to know that I’m not the only mom with a messy house that would rather spend a free hour grabbing coffee with a friend instead of tidying up.

    • Hahaha! I hate the clothes at the bottom of the stairs, and I get horribly embarrassed when people come over and see that. We *SO* need a laundry shoot… That would be brilliant.

  9. wow…..people are just crazy….how you live your life is your business 🙂 You are doing fine.

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