I’ve got to admit, I dislike Valentine’s day only because of the increased costs and the hype… and maybe the fact that my husband rarely gets me anything for the Hallmark-Created “Special Occasion”.

But you want to know what else?? I *love* surprises. And I especially love surprises that Just SO happen to fall on Valentine’s Day. 

(Someone want to give my husband a memo about this one??)


Anyway: there’s a reason I tell him he can celebrate Valentines Day with me a week early or a week late – because of the prices!! The outrageousness of the roses skyrocketing in prices, and oh-my-WORD the crazy shipping costs!

But as I’m looking through Shari’s Berries checking out all their Valentine’s Day gifts (trying to drop hints like MAD!) – I realized that right now, their Two Days of Valentine’s Long Stemmed Roses and dozen Dipped Strawberries are on SALE! *Dances*Ohhh Yeah!!*Dances*

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 7.29.09 PM

Serious though: Normally for 12 long stemmed red roses and 12 dipped Shari’s Berries: it’s over $115 – plus shipping!  But right now they’re on sale (At least at the moment I’m writing this!) ANNNDDDD… here’s the kicker:  The shipping: is NOT CRAZY!!

They do charge a normal $14.99 shipping: but there is only a $4.99 upcharge to begin the deliveries on February 14th… However, the Roses/Berries combo can start on Feb 13th – and the next day (Feb 14th) the second package is delivered.
Or- if you’re flexible, and don’t mind whether the shipments start on the 13th or 14th: you can choose flexible shipping – and pay no up-charge!

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 7.12.21 PM

Couple that savings along with a Shari’s Berries coupon code: and you’re set! No more worrying about whether or not you’re going to be in the Dog House on V-Day.

How’s that for being a hero? Two special Valentine’s Deliveries all for under $100! And her co-workers will be totally jealous!

I told you all about my Best Valentines Day ever – and how all day long my co-workers were getting stuff, and it was getting rather obnoxious: but then my husband pulled through at the end, and really wowed my socks off… and boy… did it work….

Except, it has never been re-attempted.  I think he feels like he can’t compete with himself!

So: I’m leaving this page… and the check card… sitting wide open:

Mokey Love: You have my permission to spoil me this Valentine’s Day!  Please??

I was gifted a promotional code for Shari’s Berries in hopes that I would write about my experience.

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