I Want to be Spoiled this Valentine’s Day!

January 22, 2013

I’ve got to admit, I dislike Valentine’s day only because of the increased costs and the hype… and maybe the fact that my husband rarely gets me anything for the Hallmark-Created “Special Occasion”.

But you want to know what else?? I *love* surprises. And I especially love surprises that Just SO happen to fall on Valentine’s Day. 

(Someone want to give my husband a memo about this one??)


Anyway: there’s a reason I tell him he can celebrate Valentines Day with me a week early or a week late – because of the prices!! The outrageousness of the roses skyrocketing in prices, and oh-my-WORD the crazy shipping costs!

But as I’m looking through Shari’s Berries checking out all their Valentine’s Day gifts (trying to drop hints like MAD!) – I realized that right now, their Two Days of Valentine’s Long Stemmed Roses and dozen Dipped Strawberries are on SALE! *Dances*Ohhh Yeah!!*Dances*

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 7.29.09 PM

Serious though: Normally for 12 long stemmed red roses and 12 dipped Shari’s Berries: it’s over $115 – plus shipping!  But right now they’re on sale (At least at the moment I’m writing this!) ANNNDDDD… here’s the kicker:  The shipping: is NOT CRAZY!!

They do charge a normal $14.99 shipping: but there is only a $4.99 upcharge to begin the deliveries on February 14th… However, the Roses/Berries combo can start on Feb 13th – and the next day (Feb 14th) the second package is delivered.
Or- if you’re flexible, and don’t mind whether the shipments start on the 13th or 14th: you can choose flexible shipping – and pay no up-charge!

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 7.12.21 PM

Couple that savings along with a Shari’s Berries coupon code: and you’re set! No more worrying about whether or not you’re going to be in the Dog House on V-Day.

How’s that for being a hero? Two special Valentine’s Deliveries all for under $100! And her co-workers will be totally jealous!

I told you all about my Best Valentines Day ever – and how all day long my co-workers were getting stuff, and it was getting rather obnoxious: but then my husband pulled through at the end, and really wowed my socks off… and boy… did it work….

Except, it has never been re-attempted.  I think he feels like he can’t compete with himself!

So: I’m leaving this page… and the check card… sitting wide open:

Mokey Love: You have my permission to spoil me this Valentine’s Day!  Please??

I was gifted a promotional code for Shari’s Berries in hopes that I would write about my experience.


  1. Vickie Couturier says:

    maybe it will happen again,,my Daddy was the one who always sent me somethng on Valentines day,,an I so miss getting those flowers when I was working,,my ex husband did it one time only in 30 yrs,,but my husband ive had now for 10 yrs always gets me a nice card,this year we arent doing anything cauee we are going on a cruise that leaves the 17th of Feb so I figured I could let him off the hook this year

  2. jamie braun says:

    wow! this really is a great deal! now I want it! ima have to leave this page open for the hubby & see if he gets the hint!

  3. Amy Orvin says:

    Maybe he will get the hint and spoil you this year!

  4. Amy Peschel says:

    My husband isn’t into celebrating anything1

  5. Isn’t it nice to be spoiled with a wonderful bouquet of flowers? Just any day will do, in fact, on a typical non-special day, it’s even better. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day with your husband. I hope you get your wish.

  6. Come on Mokey sweep her off her feet

  7. Alicia Keen says:

    i would love to receive these as gifts!

  8. Mary Mirvis says:

    Every lady deserves to be a little spoiled on Valentines Day 🙂

  9. Aaron Davison says:

    I want to spoil a special someone this Valentine’s Day!

  10. If all else fails, just spoil yourself!

  11. cylina williams says:

    Nice idea. I think we all want to be spoiled, my husband tries but I think he still doesn’t get it!

  12. Sherri Lewis says:

    Valentine’s day is the most depressing day of the year for me. I just plan to hibernate right through it 🙂

    • I think the big trick for me is to just play it off as a day where it’s almost ‘STUPID’ to be spoiled on V-Day. I’d rather the spoiling not be due to the fact that the day of the year SAYS he has to spoil me (But rather that he does it on his own will..!)

      SO Every year, like I said – I’ve been telling him nOT to spoil me – because it was just a silly holiday.
      But then I always feel like crap when he actually takes my word for it… =\

  13. Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you got spoiled! 😉

  14. Awww. Well as i read the post on valetine’s day, he did spoil you 🙂 There’s nothing wrong with giving a little hint here and there 🙂 Love it!

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