I Wanna Get Skinny!

October 12, 2011

I’ve gotten to a point in my body shape/size right now, that I’m just kind of… well. Disgusted..

I’m back at my pre-pregnancy weight.

I’m back.  It took 11 months but I did it.

I know you’re wondering – Isn’t that a GOOD thing?!!!

No.  It’s not.

See… I for some strange reason have lost weight both of my pregnancies.  I started both of my pregnancies at about this current weight (which, I am too embarrassed to admit… so lets just call it JUMBO.) And then slowly taper down to about 30lbs lost over the course of the pregnancy.  After delivering weighing even less. – but then slowly creeping it back towards this Jumbo weight.

So I’ve often tried to figure out (besides becoming bulimic – which you might argue that puking is most the reason for my weight-loss during pregnancy…) WHY I tend to be smaller when I’m pregnant and larger when I’m not?! 

Then I came across the HCG diet. I was researching diets, and someone from a forum I belong to was talking about how they were going to start the HCG Diet – and I got really curious!

So I researched it. The HCG actually tricks your hypothalamus into believing that it’s pregnant, and therefore releasing the stored fats to be used. 

That should work for me, Right?

There’s a lot of really awesome success stories out there!  I watched through a whole VLog series as one woman went from 156lbs to 124lbs over the course of a few months.  Crazy really.  but AWESOME.  I want that!

So I contacted a great company – HCG Program Direct and got set up to review their products on my blog – so all of you mommies (and daddies, granmda’s, grandpas, etc) have a chance to see how it’s working for me, and then try it on yourselves Open-mouthed smile  I’ll be blogging through much of it (I can’t possibly promise daily posts – but weekly for sure!)

I have the perfect window of opportunity to do this program and lose some weight before the Holidays come around… I’m excited to get back into some of my older clothes that have been put back into my ‘someday’ box.

I’m going to add a section on the dropdown menu about this diet – so you can follow along with me:  www.grinningcheektocheek.com/category/hcg-diet


  1. Jessica W says:

    I am excited to hear more about this. I have been complaining about the need to lose 20lbs for a while now. 🙁

  2. Sonya Morris says:

    Good luck with this, it will be interesting to see how it works for you!

  3. Several of the ladies that I work with have done this diet and done great with it…one of them very excited to be lighter than she has been in 20 years. Good luck! But after watching them I have come to the conclusion that there is no way I could do it myself… You wind up literally starving yourself living off of barely 500 calories some days. It definitely takes some discipline! Good luck!

  4. Good Luck!!!! I had to laugh about the someday box. When i packed up all my clothes I had to make a box for most of my clothes 🙁 so I wrote “clothes that don’t fit YET!”

  5. Good luck! I know how hard it is to loose weight. I am also a size JUMBO LOL and understand. You can do it

  6. Elizabeth Snow says:

    I am excited to follow you in your weight loss and steal some of your tips and tricks that you are using to loose weight. I am really wanting to loose a good 40 lbs! I need to do it for my kids as I just learned I am in the early stages of type II diabeteas :/

  7. Good luck! We are here to support you. Just make sure you’re also exercising to ensure you’re building muscle tone to keep the weight off!

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