I said I wanted a PUPPY!

December 23, 2011


So Sad Sad smile But so Cute Too!!


  1. chuck norris jokes says:


  2. Dianne Flack says:

    There is absolutely NOTHING cute or funny about this picture! I clearly shows cruelty to an innocent animal and the ignorance of whomever took the picture.

  3. Dianne Flack says:

    … I mean IT clearly shows cruelty to an innocent animal … I’m so angry at this picture I can’t type.

  4. This is disgusting. No wonder we have so many youngsters who think it’s fun to torment animals, when ADULTS think it’s cute and take pictures of it.

    Disgusting! And the young animal abuser’s parents should be reported to Animal Control, fined and made to serve community service at an animal shelter.

    GROW UP, PEOPLE!!! If you’re going to have children, have the decency to make sure they are reared property and taught RIGHT FROM WRONG. Otherwise, you’re just raising little future terrorists.

  5. Cute, my ass…..Does the person who posted this picture REALLY think it’s cute?? If so — said person needs a lobotomy.

  6. Idiot.

  7. First off, This little BRAT holding the cat buy the neck needs a GOOD SPANKING there is nothing cute about this little SNOT!
    The IDIOTS who tolerated and allowed this type of ABUSE to be posted on the internet need to be locked up along with a GOOD OLD FASHIONED BEATING which I’D be glad to do with an old BILLY CLUB that I just happen to have.

  8. This is an example of POOR WHITE TRASH!!!!!

  9. Oh my goodness!! She’s a CHILD!! She’s probably holding her kitty the best/only way she knows how and she’s probably “smiling for the camera”!! She’s (most likely) not being cruel!!!! Goodness!!! I think it’s funny! She’s a cute kid! πŸ™‚

    • Dianne Flack says:

      This is NOT a cute picture. The adult(s) who allowed this cruelty to an animal should be reported. I don’t give a damn that she’s “smiling for the camera”! Look at what the poor kitty is going through! What kind of a monster would allow this to happen?

    • Lady your sick in the head!

  10. Dianne Flack says:

    I REALLY WISH I knew the originator of this picture and report the monster(s) who allowed this cruel picture to be taken. It is a sick person who would think this is funny!!!! I’m going to do something about this.

  11. Dianne Flack says:

    Hmmmm, I wonder if Courtney would like to be held around her neck while someone took a picture of the person doing it . . . .

  12. So you think this BRAT is being CUTE? Any responsible parent/adult would know better than to allow a child to hold a cat or any animal by the neck in this fashion,,,,bottom line is YOU CORTNEY or whatever you call yourself should be ashamed of yourself for condoning such nonsense as this.

    • I am going to send all of this information about this example of Animal Abuse to the State Attorney General’s Office along with a formal complaint and I will request an investigation….so Courtney…STAND BY!

  13. R. Wayne Flack says:

    There is nothing cute about this child or her actions. This is not a cute smile it’s a mean/evil look, anyone who thinks it’s cute n any manor is an asshole. The parents of this child should be held responsible for child and animal abuse, and anyone who thinks it’s cute or funny should held up by their throat untill the pass out. As far as the one who posted this you must have the IQ of a pile of shit.

  14. Look people… ALL OF YOU!!! This has NOTHING to do with me!!! Do I allow my child to hold our animals like this? NO!! Did I take this picture? NO!! All I said was I HIGHLY DOUBT that she is being cruel on purpose!!

    This is NOT my picture! This is NOT my post! This is NOT my issue… Quit bringing ME into this!!

    • Well, you obviously condone this type of action. In your own words “I think it’s funny!” I don’t think you would think it’s funny if you were held up by your throat, choking, while someone took a picture of it.

      • Oh. My FRIGGIN. GOODNESS!!! I said the PICTURE was funny! NOT the fact that she’s “choking” the kitten! You all have WAY too much time on your hands to sit and BITCH about a picture and the comments made about it!!! I am SICK of being dragged into this! I commented that I don’t think the child is being cruel and I also thought the picture was funny. She’s cute! She’s SMILING (in that “smile for the camera” way, not a “HAHA, you’re choking the kitty, smile because we think it’s funny that you are so mean to your pets” way!!!) SHE’S A CHILD!!!!! She doesn’t know any better! The PICTURE is cute! The CHILD is cute! The CHILD is not being mean on purpose!

        YOU DO NOT KNOW ME!!!! YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT I CONDONE!!!! Your ASSumptions are making YOU the ASS!! If you don’t like this post, and you don’t like the picture and you don’t like the picture, QUIT COMMENTING!!!!

        • And now you’re name-calling? Doesn’t speak well for you, does it?

          • Calling you an ass for making assumptions about people you don’t know? I don’t know, it doesn’t seem that far fetched! I’m sure that if I was telling YOU what you were condoning, ok with, or saying (when in fact that’s not what you’re saying at all), you’d think that I was an ass for assuming things of you as well.

            You know the saying… To ASSUME is to make an ASS out of you and me? Hmmm… Fitting!

            You don’t know me. You don’t know what I think, what I believe, what I feel, what I “condone”, yet you make ASSUMPTIONS about me. What would you call that?

            • Enough already, lady, with the name-calling . . . I know the saying about ASSUME . . . you’re not telling me anything new . . . still with the name-calling. No, not making assumptions about you, just making a fair judgement about you. Don’t we all do that when we read such things that people write? Any more communication from you I will consider to be harassment, and I will handle it accordingly; including possibly getting your little Web site shut down.

              • If you try to tell someone in the legal profession that a person was harassing you through blog comments that you could willing click one button and be done with forever, please let me know how that goes.

  15. This child in this picture is not to blame. Her idiot parents are to blame, and don’t deserve to have her, OR the kitten. What is cute? The look on that poor kittens face makes me shiver. If you didn’t want the cat, why not find someone else to take it? I lost my cat to an idiot who couldn’t drive, and now I have to see this online? What the hell?

  16. I am also going to contact various Animal Rights Groups about this including perhaps one of the best Heavyweights in the Animal Rights arena namely MR BOB PARKER, former host of “THE PRICE IS RIGHT”,,I wonder how he will react when he sees that “CUTE” KID chocking the cat? So anyone who had anything to do with this website and allowing that picture to be displayed consider yourselves in 1 big MESS, Remember you can run but you can’t hide. Justice will be served and as a Retired Law Enforcement Officer (CHP for 30 Years), I have nothing but time on my hands to follow through on this.

    William C Welcome
    California Highway Patrol Retired ID#7746

    I will fight for those including animals who can’t fight for themselves.

  17. I can’t believe some of you people. Seriously. The photographer probably didn’t even notice the way it was looking as she snapped the pic…it was probably a split second, which, caught on camera looks a lot worse than it actually was.
    Plus…this child’s “evil” look?! OH BROTHER. This is like every toddlers’ cheesy “smile for the camera” look.
    Do you people even have children?!
    I love animals and teach our kids how to treat them gently, and certainly don’t condone true abuse of animals, but seriously…I’m sure you could find much better ways to spend your time fighting animal abuse right now instead of threatening bloggers who have nothing to do with this cat or child.

  18. Man.. this is crazy! I’m with you Courtney .. I highly doubt the girl was being vicious.. just cheesing for the camera. She probably didn’t realize or understand how she was holding the cat. GEEZ people.. little kids don’t always know the proper way to hold a pet.. that’s why we didn’t let our kids pick ours up when they were small. But, come on.. I’m sure the mom didn’t just stand there and watch her daughter “torture” the poor cat. Get a life!

  19. I just have to say that this is a HILARIOUS post. (And I am referring to the comments.)


    Thanks for the laugh!

  20. Seriously . . . got to take a quick picture before saving the poor cat? C’mon . . . what kind of idiots are out there?

  21. I was gonna write a more reasonable comment but i couldn’t find the words. You’re a bunch of morons. Get a hobby…go to anger management classes or go join some animal rights group or something instead of sitting on your ass gettin the rage about a photo (which captures a split second of someones life and is therefore no basis to pass judgement on said persons parenting skills or personality) then making whiney comments on a website. pffft. You’re like a bunch of vultures waitin for a victim. Says alot about you.

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