I don’t know what to call this.

August 29, 2011

So I know I said I’d be getting another diaper post up today, but I’ve had a pretty rough morning, including – but not limited to – one kid with diarrhea, one kid pooping on the floor (and the other one trying to eat it), a bag of popped popcorn kernel leftovers dumped all over my floor… and that’s just the beginning.

I went to my local grocery store tonight to pick up dinner (including something that I am supposed to review) and I realized after I started checking out that my wallet was not in my purse!  I had NO money with me.

So luckily – my bank is attached to the grocery store, so I went to get $20 out so I could pay for the groceries..  However, because I didn’t have my ID, [But I do have all my accts memorized and my pin number and 3 other things with my name on it, including one that is state issued… but none with my photo on it (as if they really look at the picture.)… ] They couldn’t give me the $20.

I keep a checkbook in the car, so I ran out and got that- but they wouldn’t let me cash the check without my ID.  Also, the grocery store needs an ID in order to take the check. UGH!

Guess what though?  They throw away all perishables.  So my groceries that I couldn’t buy??  They went into the garbage.


I get so furious at this…


Super Target Does this Too!! but Worse –

I went to Super Target not that long ago, and found out the same thing.  My budget was SUPER limited – and I went over my budget – but because there was a long line behind me, I decided to just pay – and then walk straight to the counter and return a few things.. They marked everything with a big red sticker.  I asked them why? they said because they have to throw it all away.  EVEN THE NON-PERISHABLES!!

She said that even if you bring something up to the counter and then change your mind on it that you don’t want it – even a box of cheerios… They have to toss it.

I even asked them if they donate them to food shelf – NOPE.

I cried as I left Target that day, because I really could have used those groceries, but had to pass up on them due to our budget being super strict – only to let them go in the trash.


  1. That is horrible! I don’t even understand throwing goods away like that. Food that could go to the homeless! I’m sorry you had such a bad. Day I’ve had days like that, especially with the pooping and diarrhea! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you!

  2. Amanda N. says:

    That is awful! I had no idea! 🙁

    I don’t know how far you live from the grocery store you shop at, but I’ve ended up at the counter without my wallet before and they held my cart in the refrigerated area in the back for me while I ran home to get it…perhaps that’d be an option for you if it ever happened again? Also, do you coupon? I’ve found that it can be quite helpful in staying on-budget…especially with foods like cereal that you can stock up on during sales. 🙂

    Hopefully, things get more cheerful for you. :-/

  3. Robyn Ely says:

    I think I would call it ” I had a sh..ty day ! Life has many of them !
    Just try and laugh it off !

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