Hoover Max Extract 60 Review

August 20, 2012

Mom Central and Hoover have teamed up again, and chose me to be one of their reviewers.  I was able to review the Hoover Max Extract 60 Carpet Cleaner.

I was really excited, because our carpet is SOOOO dirty.  Whoever thought it was a good idea to put white carpet into this house was CRAZY.

dirty carpet

We’re typically very good about keeping food and drinks off the carpet, but with two toddlers around, we still have a lot of accidents.

Putting the Max Extract 60 together was a breeze, it took my husband less than 10 minutes to open the box, take out all the parts, and start using it.

Hoover Max Extract 60

He started cleaning near my computer desk, where my toddler boys had spilled kool-aid several months earlier.  Within five minutes those stains that we had toiled over with everything known to man – were completely gone.

carpet stains

Also, in that 4×3’ area that he cleaned, the water in the tank that had been extracted was SOOO dirty. hoover water tank

It was very motivating for us to continue using the machine throughout the rest of the house.  clean carpet

Now, if we only had the time!

The one complaint that I would have about this machine is that the tanks are a little on the smaller side.  My husband used the water really quickly (although he was spraying it the whole time) and had to change the water about every 10 minutes or so – or about 5 –6 times through the living room.

I would also love if this machine had a rotating upholstery/stair attachment – so we didn’t have to use so much man-power to get our stairs clean.

Otherwise, this is an awesome machine Open-mouthed smile

I received a sample of this product as part of the Mom Central and Hoover campaign to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.


  1. Marcy Taylor says:

    I am amazed at how clean this got your carpet! How long did it take to do that room?

  2. Thomas Murphy says:

    Looks like it works good, I need to get one.

  3. Very mressive! I need one like this

  4. Sandy VanHoey says:

    It’s worth it to change the water with the job it looks like it had done. My daughter has one of these for carpets and it does have some attachements on it for furniture and all. They really do work great. Yours looks like it did an amazing job. Good for you…looks great!

  5. I really need one. My vacuum cleaner is broken.

  6. Alyssa Zediker says:

    It looks great! I need one now

  7. Debbie Ellis says:

    Looks and sounds like it would be really nice to have. I will really clean up the spots.

  8. We are in the market for a new one, and the one we have that is not a Hoover I have the same complaint about…the size of the bucket/bladder is pretty small. It takes forever to clean and change the water many times for wash and then a few times for rinse. I am completely wowed (and a bit disgusted really) to see the dirt these home machines can get out of a carpet. Thanks so much for a great review!

  9. Vickie Couturier says:

    ive looking for a good cleaner for carpets,,that one looks really nice

  10. Patricia Williams says:

    We are looking to buy a new carpet cleaner. Ours was a hand me down from my mom and finally due. Thanks fir thwarting review.

  11. This Hoover Max is an awesome machine that extracts and cleans really well! It made your dirty carpet look brand new!

  12. I really thought I could get away with not purchasing a carpet cleaner and just rent one when I felt we needed it, but now 3 kids later I really need to purchase one, great review, I don’t think I’ll mind the small water tank, it’s pretty impressive if it cleaned stains made months before

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