July 20, 2013

If you have a weak stomach…. skip down to the pictures for the happy news


Micah’s nursery has stunk (badly) for the past few weeks. We figured it was just his stinky baby poop, and added some air fresheners to the room. It seemed to get better so I forgot about it. Until today. I walked into his nursery and immediately pictured a horror movie with flies covering the walls. I’m exaggerating, but there were at least 20 ugly flies just sitting on his wall. Gross! Where’d they come from? And WHY that wall? So I investigated….

Behind my nursing chair….behind the giant bear…. behind the little stuffed puppy…..DROP THE PUPPY! YUCK! Flies and more flies and lots of little maggot poop-shaped flies-in-the-making, all in the puppy’s fur! And under the puppy….fur……lots of grey fur. Using a plastic bag as a glove. I picked up a DEAD squirrel. Or was it a chipmunk? That’s the thing….it was so decomposed I couldn’t tell. And more flies.

So Peter pitched in and we threw out the poor stuffed puppy and a Wal-mart bag of fur and dead flies, sprayed the carpet with cleaner, and swatted a bunch of stupid little flies, some of which must have been baby flies and didn’t even try to fly away. Most of which took two or three swats before they actually stopped coming back to life. GROSS!!! Then I vacuumed and plugged in a fresh air-freshener. It still stinks but it should get better now that the source is gone.

The next task: teach the cats not to bring their prizes inside. This isn’t the first dead animal inside, it’s just the first one that was hidden.


I’m just thankful I saw all those flies and investigated. And that I’m working 4 hours today instead of my normal 12 hour shift like tomorrow. And that those flies were stupid and didn’t fly all around the house. Ick. I’m not scared of bugs, but I still don’t like the creepy crawly feeling when they surprise me.


On a brighter note, Micah has 2 teeth now! And he has basically figured out a bit of an army crawl. He gets on his hands and knees and then flops onto his tummy where he uses his elbows and kicks his little feet like crazy to scoot forward inch by inch.


And we got to spend lots of time last week with Micah’s Nana Nubs and cousin Molly. We went to the kid’s play area at the Rochester Apache Mall and had tons of fun!



  1. Oh how horrible! I am so glad you found that and got rid of it.

  2. bettycd says:

    gross – would be an understatement. This is the type thing where cats discover they have been relegated to indoor pets without outside scavenging privileges.

    • if we made them indoor cats they would sit and meow at us all day long… I’ve considered making them permanent outdoor cats some days but the winters are so cold!

      • We made our kitty outdoor only a few years ago. To make things better, there is a cat door in the service door to the garage so she always has good shelter along with her food and water. We have a small window in there that DH built a shelf in front of and we put a heated pet pad on it. Really I think she would have been fine without it, it was more because I felt guilty kicking her out! In protest of us going away too much on the weekends, she decided to start to pee on the carpet. Love my girl, but not going to let a pet ruin the house!

  3. Wow that is really gross, never had anything like that happen to me!

  4. Sue Hull says:

    That’s soooo gross! Your baby boy slept in the nursey while all this was in there? Wouldn’t flies get on him when he was sleeping? I’m glad you got it all cleaned out. I think it might be a good idea to close the door to the nursery so the cats don’t go in there.

  5. Robin Wilson says:

    Another reason why I am glad that our cats are “garage” cats. Just be glad that you discovered it and not one of the boys. That would have been awful. If you still smell it, sprinkle, really sprinkle heavy the area with good old baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes before vacuuming. It should do the trick.

  6. Yea, it creeped me out when I found them in his room and I proceeded to kill them all before he took a nap, but thankfully it was on the exact opposite side of the room as his crib so he’s never really over there and the flies were really focused on that spot

  7. Gross! i cringed just reading that!!!

  8. Sarah C says:

    Eww. As I was reading I was wondering how that creature got in the house – and then you mentioned the cats. My cats catch mice – but they just stun them. They seem to like them half alive so they are still ‘chaseable’

    • My cats do the same – catch the mice and throw them around to play and then wait for them to wake up and run around again. So we get mice in the house too, but generally the cats stand guard by them so we know they are there. And the cats generally stay out of the nursery so I didn’t expect an animal! Do your cats ever try to bring them into the house?

      • Sarah C says:

        Yes. They stalk them in the mudroom – where we used to keep our birdseed, and then they would carry them inside and we wouldn’t see them until they plopped them down in front of us like trophies. We removed the bird seed and we have had less of a problem – that and my best mouser is now 20 years old and now as quick as he used to be 🙂

  9. You poor thing. I just can’t imagine having a cat bringing something in and finding it dead later. We had a cat but it was an inside cat and I never had that problem.

  10. Good idea! Cat pee is a horrible thing. They were peeing on the carpet by the front door a year or so ago and we were getting totally fed up with it and considered making them outdoor cats then. But the carpets needed replacing so we put in laminate flooring after painting the base wood with Killz paint and haven’t had a problem since!

  11. Belinda B says:

    Ahh! Our cats have brought “presents” up onto the porch but never inside. I’ve almost stepped on a couple of dead things because they were right outside the front door. So sorry you had to deal with that! I don’t know how you did it without throwing up! Cute pics! I love malls with those play areas!

  12. Sheena Reynolds says:

    bad kitty! glad you found the problem.

  13. Hanh Allmon says:

    I have a vivid image in my head how the whole scene must’ve looked. Blech lol. I currently have one stupid fly buzzing around in my house, too. And it is driving me craaaaaaaazy!!!

  14. Uck : ( what a mess to have to clean up in the poor babies room. Our cats have carried moles, snakes, whats left of birds on the porch rug after playing with most of them. We used to let them inside in the winter but the one started peeing and it started to smell . Got it clean and the smell eventually went away. So their outside most of the time now. None at horrible as your squirrel –

  15. Amanda Martin says:

    Hilarious and disgusting at the same time! We had a opossum give birth in our garage. A few of the babes didn’t make it and it took us a week to find the smelly problem!

  16. ellen beck says:

    My cats do the same with mice but none are outside cats so dont bring in otdoor prey. Please folks do NOT make an indoor cat an outdoor cat if you can avoid it. They arent adapted to it. And if you absolutely have to make sure they are spayed or neutered before you do and keep vetting them. (I have an out of pocket cat rescue and feed ferals)

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