Earth’s Best Snacks

Now that we live in a small-ish town, the kids and I make a lot of half- or full-day trips to nearby towns, playdates, and get-togethers. This means we frequently pack snacks. Lots of snacks. Because hungry kids are crabby kids. And my kids are hungry constantly. Our new favorite snacks to pack are snacks and pouches from Earth’s Best!
I knew that Earth’s Best makes baby food. I didn’t realize that they also make great toddler and preschooler snacks, pouches, and even frozen foods! 

Earth’s Best Food Pouches

My kids haven’t had food pouches in over a year. While they are incredibly convenient, I just haven’t bought any since we stopped needing baby food. I assumed they were all simply baby food in pouch form, but I was wrong. Earth’s Best makes smoothies in pouch form! Healthy smoothies full of fruits and veggies that actually taste good! My kids suck these pouches empty like they are starving. And then beg for more. It’s a fantastic way to get healthy foods into them when we don’t have the time or ability to sit down. Pouches are also basically mess-free, so they are great for riding in the car or bike trailer!


Earth’s Best Snacks

Earth’s Best also has a wide variety of snack foods. Things like alphabet crackers, chocolate cookies, and strawberry snack bars. YUM! Seriously, this is decent kid’s snacks that actually taste good. Some are organic, some not. Some are clearly labeled as peanut free or gluten free, which is great for kids and schools with nut allergies. 
My favorite are the chocolate cookies. Each packet has 4 little cookies that look hard but are actually quite easy to bite. They are crunchy and basically crumble in your mouth. The flavor is sweet chocolate but not too much so. The vanilla alphabet crackers are also slightly sweet but not overwhelming. My son’s favorite are the cheddar crackers, which remind me of cheeze-its or goldfish. 
The kids have enjoyed every Earth’s Best snack I have given them! Plus each snack is easy too chew and doesn’t crumble all over my floors. And the chewy bars and cookies are packaged nicely in serving sizes for easy packing. 
Overall, I’ve been really impressed by the quality and taste of the Earth’s Best snacks and pouches. I plan on buying some of their frozen options to try as well! Check them out for yourself today in stores, online, or on Facebook and Twitter
Earth’s Best sent me snacks and pouches to review for this post. Opinions are 100% my own. 

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