Go Fish for Preschoolers!

February 25, 2012

We were at target today and saw the cutest game – and it’s for ages 3+!!  Perfect for our toddler/preschooler!DSC02821

The game is called ‘Go Fish’ and is a different rendition of the regular Go Fish that you might be used to playing.DSC02839

It all comes in this cute little ‘tackle box’, has a fishing pole, four boats, and 35 fish.  Each fish has a color and a number, so you can play to collect colors of fish, or specific numbers.

He’s pretty good with colors now – so that’s how we played.  We’ll also use the game to help him with number recognition.

DSC02826To play: Use the fishing pole – which has a worm at the end and a suction cup to suction up the fish.  Super easy, even for a 3 year old.


If the color matches, then you can add the fish to your boat – otherwise, you put it back.  First player with four matching colors (or numbers) wins!


So much fun I figured I’d share for those with toddlers.  The game is made by Fischer Price, and we found it at Target for around $10!

I was not paid or compensated for the post at all, and we bought the game ourselves.


  1. This is really cute, my daughter loves pretending that she is fishing.

  2. Gladys Parker says:

    That looks really fun! My grandchildren would luv it. I like how they change old games so they always stay around.
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  3. Veronica R says:

    We actually bought this game as a present for someone and had a chance to play it. It does have good ratings and it seems like a really cute game! My 2 year old didn’t get the concept, but she even liking pretending to fish with the rod.

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