So, there is no website out there like Feedburner or Networked Blogs as far as I know of yet that will take your blog feed and put it onto your Google+ Profile.

So why is it that some people have every post of theirs in their google+ profile page?

You know that little +1 button, that we really are not sure about why it exists?? Well.. now I know.


So.  To get your posts (or anyone elses, for that matter) onto your Google+ page without copying your URL and posting it manually into the page.  You first click on the +1 button.

Clicking on the +1 doesn’t make it show on your page automatically.  It will show only under the +1 Tab


So yes – You still must click the +1.  Then after you have +1’d the page – hover over the +1 again.


See that ‘Share What’s New’ Box??  That is where you need to click next.  When you click there – it brings up the ‘sharing’ options box.


There you can add a comment, select what circles you would like it to be shared to, and then click Share.

Unfortunately you cannot select a new photo or change the description of the area… Which is really kind of a bummer.


Now you have it –  You can share all of your posts!

Note:  You also do not have the option of sharing your +1’s and Shares with your business page.  I first created a business page, but because I cannot get my posts onto it – I am leaving that page alone and switched back to my normal profile page to be my Blog’s Page.  After All – I’ll be able to separate the circles so I don’t have to share Everything with Everyone!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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