Getting to the Movies is HARD work!

April 10, 2012

Typically my nights away from my kids revolve around this type of schedule:

My husband comes home from work; and I leave.  Typically not in anger or disgust – but I just need to get out, and have errands to run, etc.

Anyone else with me on this??

I feel badly about it, but man, I *need* a break sometimes – and I typically hold off all of my appointments and arrangements with friends and even simple things like grocery shopping for the evening.  Just to get away for a bit.

But lately I’ve realized how little time away my husband and I have had, together… And I am desperate for a ‘date night’.  We have taken very little time for US lately.

It’s so funny how few movies I’ve seen in the past several months/years outside of my home, too! My husband has wanted to see movies, but we justify the ‘wait’ for them to come out on video, so we don’t have to hire a sitter.


I think just about every time that my mom decides to come and watch the kids for a few hours after work, my husband and I scarf down our food frantically, while searching through cinema times to see if any ‘good’ movies are starting near us, like… right now.  So we can quickly get to a movie, and not be home so late that my mom doesn’t want to come over again.image

Sounds relaxing, Right?

Well, a few weekends ago, I met a neighborhood girl – who is a little young to babysit for long hours, but certainly can handle the kids for a few hours.  She came over the other day to get used to the kids while I was home – and to learn about all the quirks in our home.  She seems super nice, and I’ll definitely be giving her a call as much as I can!!

Looking forward to getting out!


  1. I know what you mean about needing to get out. As soon as hubby gets home I put on my shoes and I go for my evening walk. I think it is the only things that keeps me sane

  2. Jenai Panther says:

    I know how it feels to want to get away and also the longing to have a date night with your significant other.

  3. Betty Baez says:

    I can relate me and hubs rarely get out and usually it’s a last minute rush to leave not very relaxing, hope she works out

  4. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    I would say that there are more of us out there than we could even think, I’m not working now, so money is a issue, but when I was working, no time hardly to go to the movies or anywhere else. Now my kids are grown so I feel like we missed out on a lot. But I had to work.

  5. I totally get it…Having my last child late in life, there were no grandparents to help, and our older kids had kids of their we had no help! In fact, they were asking us to watch the grandkids when we were the ones who needed a break!

  6. Take the time for you and your husband, you need it. Take it from one who has been there. My kids are now grown but we needed a date night. It isn’t long and the kids are gone and you don’t know each other because you were too focused on the kids. My husband and I are having a blast doing things together again. He was your first love and will be your last! He deserves it too!

  7. Having a good baby sitter is very important. So is getting some ‘couple’ time. It is not a luxury, but a necessity.

  8. Yeah…I’ve been trying for a month to find someone to watch our boys while we go to dinner. Why is it SO hard?!

  9. I hope you can manage the logistics of having a night out with your husband at least once a month.

  10. Robin Wilson says:

    We never get to the movies ~ between the time and the cost, we can never justify to ourselves. Sad thing really ~ when we were much younger we went at least a couple of times a month and I think it was great! Go out with your hubby every chance you get!!

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