Fit Family Fridays Week 2

January 13, 2012

Hello All and welcome to Grinning Cheek to Cheek!!

If you’re following along with the Fit Family Fridays theme or wanting to link up yourself, see the first week’s post about the details of Fit Family Friday – Pretty much anything goes so long as it counts as some sort of step towards being healthy with your family!


This week I have not yet made it to the gym.  *BAD* I know.

Problem was, is that here in Minnesota – it was a GORGEOUS week weather wise. I mean, like… mid-September type weather.

We spent most of the day Monday and Tuesday outside playing in the back yard, and even managed to get a few big walks in. 


I think it’s such a great thing to have warm weather in January – I’d be happy with that type of weather all year round!  Most of my resolutions to be healthier revolve around getting outside with the kids more often – but often in the winter, it is hard to do that because of the crazy cold and the deep snow. 

This way, there was NO excuses.  It reaches 50 degrees in Minnesota in January – and you’re GOING to go outside.  No questions asked.

But now the weather is back to semi-normal temperatures.  Still a bit higher than usual, but still – very cold, and very windy.  No big snowfalls in the forecast though yet!

Ethan seems to have hit the heart of Separation Anxiety and is completely refusing to be left with strangers.  He cries until they (whoever it may be… church, gym, friends) can’t take it any more and then I have to come get him.  It’s tough.  Any suggestions?

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  1. I have the opposite problem- we have to get outside NOW because come April/May, it’ll get too hot to go outside for any amount of time. Boo.

  2. Hannah Avery says:

    I linked up!

  3. R Hicks says:

    always a good idea to take advantage of unusual warm weather in the winter. Or anytime for the matter.

    Trying to take advantage myself right now before it gets too hot

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