Fit Family Fridays #1

January 5, 2012

Hello All and welcome to Grinning Cheek to Cheek!! My name is Amy and over the past several days I’ve been posting about my New Years Resolutions.

One of my general resolution topics was to be healthier with my family.  I’m not expecting an overnight change where all of a sudden we’re eating only organic salads and taking 5 mile hikes every day – BUT… I’m looking at the little things that we do.

So to celebrate the little things (and the big things), I’ve started a new weekly topic called ‘Fit Family Friday’.  Fit Family Fridays is where myself and any other bloggers (or even readers) can link up (or comment) with the little or big things that they did this week to help their family live a little healthier.


Whether it be a quick walk, getting out of the house, buying a new furnace air filter, going to the gym, making a delicious but healthy meal (that I SO totally expect a recipe for!) or visiting the dentist!  … Those kinds of things.

Lets share them all! and encourage each other through the baby steps it takes to live a healthy life in this so-easy-to-be-unhealthy world!

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My Fit Family Friday:

Last week, I joined my local Gym. I was hesitant because I know I *want* to go, but I despise working out….  Can you Tell?image

But – I have Motivation!!

Have you considered the value of those centers that have child care?

I hadn’t.…

Until yesterday.

I was having an awful morning – the boys were nagging each other (yes, already… at age 1 and 3.) and my blood was boiling with every whine and holler.  I honestly felt like throwing my hands in the air and going back to bed.

But instead? I packed up the kids, and went to the gym.

I was *SO HAPPY* that I was able to leave them with some other responsible adults in a very controlled environment, and go take my anger and aggression out on an elliptical machine.

That is, Until 30 minutes had passed with my youngest crying and they had to come get me…

But – the hidden gem even through his sadness?  We came home, and he took a LONG nap.

Ahhhhhh…. I love my gym.

I’ve officially decided that it is the BEST KEPT SECRET with moms these days.

Who wouldn’t pay $50 a month to have up to two hours of sanity per day, and get a work out – all at the same time?!  Plus? They have wi-fi!

I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot more time there…


Join with me Smile  Tell me your new experience, or purchase, or recipe! Or whatever you feel like!

Then be sure to check out what all the other Mama’s are doing to help their families live healthier!



  1. I’m literally laughing out loud because my son has had times like that where he cried himself out over like, nothing. Sorry that your workout was cut short but yay for you for going! I still need to head to my gym to take them up on the “free 2 week membership” flyer they sent me around Thanksgiving. 🙂

    • LOL!! I think that’s the problem too! My husband has a free 1 month membership, and has yet to get his butt in there… We shall see… I think you’d take more advantage of it if you were paying for it 😀 Money Motivates.

  2. Skye Moyer says:

    FREE child care?
    Maybe I need to look for one in my area…

  3. Love it! Keep at it, mama. You’ll feel so much better. I’ve been upping the exercise for a few weeks, and it’s making such a different in how I feel. And I agree – the daycare is SUCH a bonus!

    I’ll try to link up next week! 🙂

    • Thanks for the great encouragement!! 😀 I’m looking forward to liking the way I feel – and MAYBE … just maybe to the way I’ll look 😀

  4. I must admit that I NEVER hit the gym, even though we have free childcare as well. 🙁 I have been moving more, which has made a world of difference in how I feel.

  5. I joined a gym… 😀 and just trying to find motivation to go now! Lol. I have heard about some offering a child care center, but.. i havent found one yet

    • Huh! Yeah, I’d be having a hard time getting there if they didn’t have child care either!
      I know around here the YMCA and then the gym I go to is Life Time Fitness – both of which have daycare!

  6. Our rec center has very inexpensive care (for up to 2 hours) and the 24 Hour Fitness place I tried out also had it. It’s a blessing and your kids will get used to it the more you go, so take advantage of it!

  7. I have to say that I have never looked at it that way before, but the moment to myself and getting some frustration out, while getting a workout sounds pretty awesome!. I am going to have to look into some places in my area that offer childcare. I know there are a few close but they charge and I can’t afford a gym membership and the daycare for them to go while I workout

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