You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Pregnancy is a miracle, and exciting, and scary, and fantastic, and miserable all at the same time. And if it’s your first pregnancy, everything is new. First trimester covers weeks 1-13, which I just finished! You may have some of none of these symptoms, don’t freak out!

First Trimester has Pains

First Trimester Cramping

Little belly cramps, or little sharp pains are not uncommon, and are totally natural. Your body is getting used to growing a human! Everything has to stretch and move to accommodate it. Don’t worry, the cramps are just a little uncomfortable and a short-lasting. If they are horrible or don’t go away, get checked out.

First Trimester Bleeding and Vaginal Discharge

Spotting happens. No worries. Especially initially, when the baby embryo implants, a little blood is ok. If you are bleeding a lot, or the cramping and bleeding come together, get checked out. As far as discharge (gross, but I’m gonna go there), milky white is normal, no worries. If it turns colors, increases in amount, or smells bad, chat with your doctor. I’m taking Flagyl right now because my discharge indicated some sort of mild infection.

First Trimester Nausea

Nausea stinks. Period. It’s a natural part of being pregnant. Some women don’t get nauseous, other’s can barely keep food down. If you can’t even keep liquids down for 12+ hours, call your doctor. Check out my post about nausea remedies!

First Trimester Back and Hip Pain

Your body knows it needs to stretch and relax to accommodate baby. Your hips will stretch, your belly will grow, and your back will hurt as your body changes. Try to maintain good posture, do exercises, and try to get good sleep. Pillows between your knees or behind your back might help.

First Trimester Breast Tenderness and Bloating

Honestly, I haven’t noticed much yet, and it will hit more in second and third trimesters, but your boobs are getting ready to feed a new life, and hormones are changing in your body, so your boobs will change. Wear a good bra!

You’ll also feel super bloated some days, and feel like you are looking bigger some days. You might start gaining some pregnancy weight and notice your pants don’t fit as well. It’s all part of the deal! Your body will never be the same, it will always show the marks of growing a new, precious life.

First Trimester Constipation

Pregnancy causes constipation and those prenatal vitamins definitely do not help. Eat fiber, drink lots of water, and go for walks. I’ve been eating a lot of blueberries lately, which taste great and help, but fyi, blueberries will make dark poop with black spots! You aren’t bleeding internally, just eating a lot of blue.

First Trimester Fatigue and Emotions

You’re tired. Your body is growing a baby. It’s a lot of work and a lot of changes! Try to sleep good at night, and take naps or short rests during the day. Try to stay away from caffeine (little bits are ok, but lots can have side effects on baby). Make sure you are getting enough iron, water, and fruit (natural sugars are good for energy!).

Your emotions might also take some swings. Some days are riddled with happiness, anxiety, sad spells, and moments of want to curl up in a ball and cry. It’s ok. Fight sad thoughts with happy thoughts of all your have been blessed with, enjoy the happy moments, and surround yourself with encouraging music and friends to keep your spirits high.


These are some of the icky things of first trimester. There are lots of positives too, so be excited! Babies are a fantastic miracle of God and you are privileged to be growing one! Other moms and moms-to-be, anything else to share?

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