Some Moms Just Have what it Takes & Eversave Giveaway

September 14, 2011

But I have to believe that they’re not REAL moms…

I can’t possibly do it all.  I’ve tried, and tried, and tried some more – and I cannot possibly do it all.  I wish I was super-woman… but what I constantly have to remind myself is – that I am not.

Eversave (one of the top three deal sites) is co-hosting a Back-to-Beauty Blog Carnival with Audrey McClelland  – the author of the Digital Mom Handbook, and blogger at

Throughout the day today, momgenerations will feature several other bloggers who have written posts about how they attempt to ‘do it all’. It should be a fun read for us moms to see how others might cut corners and focus on the important stuff!

So how do I do it all??


I don’t.

Its really a balance.  Some days I clean, some days I don’t.  Some days I spend all day playing outside with the kids, while other days I let them have a little more personal time inside so I can get things done.  Some days I get a kick of the organization bug, and sort through boxes and closets and purge through junk- but most the time I let it sit there.

Is there any rhyme or reason??

Nope.  It’s specifically based on how I am feeling that day and how much I feel like HAS to get done.

I have a good handle on the calendar, and know my limits on procrastination.  I work well under pressure – but there is a line to my stress that I know I can’t cross, or it’s an ugly route back to the beginning.

I feel like I’ve found a decent balance for cleaning (or I like to call it, ‘Maintaining’) – and I know those days that I clean in the morning instead of later in the day, I feel better about myself – and my house.  And those are the days I get more accomplished overall.  So that’s a big goal for me.

If my house gets out of control messy, it’s time to stop– and clean it up.  I can’t possibly work in a mess.  I can’t even cook dinner in a mess.  Even if I try to ignore it and keep working, it drives me insane, I can’t focus, and I lose sight of my ‘to-do lists’ because I’m going back and forth about whether or not I should even be doing something other than cleaning.

My conscience is a very demanding little bugger, who strives for perfection, but can settle with ‘above average’.  I’m not one who can just let things go so easily… just ask my husband Winking smile

What about my ‘Me’ Time?

Well.  In this house, ‘Me’ or ‘Mommy’ Time comes when things have gone too far.  Usually my back and neck start tensing up, and I get really stiff, and sore – and I then know, that if I don’t get myself to a massage therapist for a Deep-Tissue massage in the next few hours – I’ll be burnt toast for the next few days.. My husband knows that this is what happens to me – and it’s something I can feel coming on, so we try to catch it before I lock up totally.

Thankfully I have a rather supportive husband who is willing to take on the kids for a while all by himself, so I can get what I need to get done.

Every now and again I love to leave the house to go shopping … or browsing really.. and just enjoy the evening by myself or with a few girlfriends.


What does Eversave have to do with all of this?

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  1. Hannah Rodriguez says:

    I definitely don’t do it all…but when husband comes home from work I get some mama time. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes, getting a break helps a lot.

  2. I manage to get some alone time when baby is in bed, either at night or when he’s napping.

  3. Sarah Salas says:

    A Nice warm bubble bath 🙂


  5. I’m not entering but wanted to comment.

    As a mom of seven children I’ve learned I can’t do it all. These days, I spend a lot of time and effort delegating things to my children. I teach them how to do things like clean the bathroom, set the table (properly), clear the table, scrub and nest (hand washables) or scrub and load dishes into the dishwasher, etc. I feel it is important for children to learn basic skills like cooking, cleaning, laundry, organization, and time management. So, from a pretty early age I start with small steps. None of us is perfect, though I wish I/we were, but we are trying to work together as a team.

  6. M y me time is taking a how bubble bath.

  7. Christina C says:

    I am still figuring it out after 13 months… but one big thing is taking my son running in the running stroller! Saves time and money and keeps both of us happy.

  8. stephanie miller says:

    i dont do it all! i do whats important! if something needs to be done for a particular reason by a certain time, i ask my daughters to pitch in, they will come over and help. i try to make all the meetings, appts, running errands in one day, so we are out that whole day to get it all done, that way one of the days i have free for me, to take a shower, actually shave my legs, and maybe even put make up on. whew. that was exhausting just talking about it. im taking a nap now.

  9. I keep everything clean, neat, organized, and multi-task to keep everything running smoothly.

  10. I don’t do it all. I have to give up some things so I can do the important stuff.


  11. Lists work well for me, I like to be able to check items off my to-do list. Also, being prepared the night before really helps me get off on the right foot.

  12. Carrie Phelps says:

    I do do it all! I’m a childcare provider & it’s time consuming so my time is spent reading.

  13. valerie mabrey says:

    I just try to find the time to enjoy a chapter or two of a good book

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  14. When I have me time I go shopping, drink coffee and meet friends for walks

  15. daniel healey says:

    I just keep going and going and when everyone is asleep I have the “me time”

  16. Been mighty short on me time lately, but will be fitting some in soon!

  17. To get “me” time, I have to lock the door to the bathroom for a minute or two breather. =)

  18. I stay up late after the kids have gone to bed to have “me” time or else while they are at school!

  19. Confession: I’m not able to do it all. I don’t have a spotless house, there are dirty dishes in the sink, but I try to relax while my daughter naps. That way, I’m able to have energy needed chasing her around. 🙂

  20. I’d love to have a pedicure for some “me” time!

  21. Leah Shumack says:

    I’m either on the computer or sneaking in a nap when I have some me time!

  22. I try to make some free time in the evening for a bit of reading.

  23. susan smoaks says:

    to have some me time i take a nice long walk

  24. I try to find time every day for some exercise.

  25. Nicole Larsen says:

    I go to the movies by myself for me time 🙂