My family gobbles up lots of yogurt – so I purchase several containers of yogurt each week. But the last time we went to purchase our yogurt – somehow a plain yogurt (instead of Vanilla) got stuck into the mix.

My husband wasn’t a fan.

So instead of letting the yogurt go to waste, I decided to let the kids play with it.

Edible Finger Paint 2

I put a little bit of yogurt into separate containers, added some food coloring – and Voila! Edible Finger Paint (or paintbrush paint)!!

Edible Finger Paint 1

Our 2 year old, Ethan – manages to get paint in his mouth every time we’re painting – and I am always scolding him not to eat the paint. So when I told the boys that the paint was edible, because it was yogurt – Andrew went at it!

Edible Toddler Paint 2

He loved it!

Edible Toddler Paint 1

Ethan on the other hand, was scolding Andrew. “Andrew. Don’t EAT the Paint!!” (yet, a little bit still managed to grace his lips.)

Sick Toddler Entertainment

All week long the kids have had colds – so we’ve tried really hard to keep busy at home with fun activities.  Painting is about the only thing that keeps their attention for any period of time – so this was a good use of our yogurt.

Do you have back-up entertainment for when the kids are sick and stuck at home?

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