Eco-friendly Technologies & Saving Energy on Security Lighting Systems

August 24, 2012

Security systems are a must have for families and the internet is now full of eco-friendly options.  Most like to think, “It would never happen to me.”  Some people say that they don’t have anything inside that anyone would want to steal, but for those of us with children our most precious treasures might be sleeping right down the hall.  Some simple measures can be taken without a lot of ongoing costs to help protect your family after the sun goes down.

Soon it’s going to start getting dark earlier and that makes it more difficult to see what’s going on outside your home.  Night time is prime time for those who come into someone else’s home with bad intentions.  It’s important to detect them and deter them before they even get near the windows and doors.  A barking dog or a bright light can be enough to make them turn around and reconsider coming closer.  If you’ve considered going with a light system to alert you when someone’s lurking, why not go with options that are affordable and gentle on the environment?


Solar Powered Security Light

Solar powered security lighting is just one of the many planet friendly options that have come into the market.  Not only is this type of light going to be self-sustaining with its own rechargeable battery, but it’s also convenient to install if you don’t have a way to plug in a conventional security light.  You also don’t have to worry about losing your protection when the power goes out because of it being its own self-contained system.


MAXSA Battery Powered Motion Activated Wall Sconce

Eco-friendly security doesn’t all have to look like it was pulled from a warehouse ceiling somewhere.  Some of it can be quite stylish, like the wall sconce pictured above.  It looks like a decorative light, but has a purpose.  A motion sensor turns on the LED light inside.  LED lights are great for the environment because of how long they can last (up to 45 years!) and how efficient they are.  By looking for this type of lighting, you’re using nearly 80% less energy.  Energy is precious and costly, so it’s always great to use less.  Especially if you can do it without sacrificing the aesthetics of what you’re putting on your home.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a little more security to your home then why not go with options that will use less energy, put less toxins into our landfills, and protect your family even in the event of an outage?  There’s always something inside worth protecting: your things, your family, and you.


  1. Michelle S says:

    I love the outdoor light a lot and I love saving energy!

  2. I love solar powered technologies. Hope we’ll havmore of them soon

  3. I like the eco friendly products for the home. We need to use products that save money on electricity and are good for the environment! I always use eco friendly products in my home.

  4. Wow that is just so cool! Thank you for sharing. Glad to see that is doesn’t have to look like something off the set of Star Wars.

  5. i love the second one very old school

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