DreamUp Toys Wooden Railway Block Platforms

Micah loves his wooden train set. He loves building the train tracks and bridges, even if it doesn’t always make a complete loop, and he spends long periods of time putting the tracks together then running his train around and around. Lately he’s becoming more creative and telling stories as he goes, it’s so fun to see an imaginative builder emerging in my little boy. I’m really excited to give him more pieces for Christmas so he can build more. Then my little creative builder is only limited by his pieces to build bridges, which are actually really expensive pieces that are limited in their creative ability (like height/length). That’s where I’m super excited to introduce the DreamUp Toys Wooden Railway Block Platform!
Dreamup block platforms

Wooden Railway Block Platforms

These DreamUp Toys platforms combine two great toys, wooden railways and legos, to open so many doors of creative building. The basic plastic platform can be built taller by lego duplos, built longer by combining with each other or with track pieces, and then built on top of as well. The Block Platforms can connect into the wooden railway pieces just like putting in another piece! So my little man can build up bridges and tunnels with his two favorite toys: trains and lego duplos! As he gets older, they are also compatible with traditional legos, so Micah can enjoy these platforms with his train for years as he grows more creative and more capable!
dreamup toys bottom
The DreamUp Toys Wooden Railway Block Platforms have male and female ends for the train tracks to fit into, like a regular piece. The best part of these ends is that legos can be placed underneath to support the connection so it won’t fall right out. This means he can make higher hills and tunnels than would traditionally work with those pieces. These supporting legos need to have legs of their own or they will fall out with any weight, so we build up legs on the 4 corners and under both ends. If we connect two platforms to each other, the legos can’t bridge the gap and attach on both ends, but they can build up on both sides and meet in the middle.
dreamup lego train
Micah also enjoys being able to build on top of the Block Platforms! He puts his little lego man or flowers on top, or we’ve even built a tunnel-bridge, which could become really fun with multi-layer tunnels once we have more pieces and he is more capable. The DreamUp Toys Wooden Railway Block Platforms allow us to build up bridges taller than before, wider than before, and more creatively than before. We can also build bridges on top of tunnels, or just place the pieces level with the ground. My little man has more freedom to use him imagination, and this freedom will be even more useful and expanded as he gets older and more capable and creative!
Dreamup toys train
Check out the DreamUp Toys Wooden Railway Block Platform for yourself online as well as on Facebook and Pinterest! What a great Christmas present for the little builder in your family!
DreamUp Toys sent me two Wooden Railway Block Platforms to review for this post, opinions are 100% my own.

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