Do Your Kids Love Their Vitamins? Mine Do! #Sponsored

August 15, 2013

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for L’il Critters. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I have two very active and growing boys – It’s almost impossible to keep up with their every move. Often times I’m at one side of the house with them, and the next thing I know they’re gone.  They run to the kitchen and start raiding the fridge or the snack cupboard.  They seemingly eat so often and SO much – but I’m not always sure that they’re getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that they should be.  So my husband and I are trying to be consistent in giving them vitamins to be sure that they’re more balanced in their diet so they can stay healthy!

Climbing Counters

At first when we started thinking about vitamins – we thought about the realistic side of it.  Would we be buying vitamins and wasting them because we forget to use them? Then I saw a post from a blogger about the L’il Critters Gummy Vitamins – and how their family loved them and reminded them each day that they wanted their vitamins. We checked out their site and the facts and decided to go for it.

Gummy Vites Please

The kids really enjoy eating their vitamins, and most days remind us that it’s time to eat their vitamins (because they’re so excited for them!). Our family uses three types of L’il Critters vitamins on a daily basis; the regular multi-vitamin, the DHA vitamin, and the Zinc and Echinacea vitamin.

I’ve read a lot about how boys need more DHA to develop their under-fatty brains; and the Zinc and Echinacea helps their immune systems fight off colds and other illnesses during the year. I’ve noticed personally the difference from when they are taking the Zinc/Echinacea vitamins and when they are not (like when we run out…). So I *try* my best to make sure that we don’t run out.

Criminal Mastermind

Finally – my last concern has always been there but never fully addressed… until yesterday.  Having the bottles of vitamins out of the cupboard because we were taking pictures with them for this post – one ‘criminal mastermind’ (a.k.a. Kianna – who comes over when her mom is babysitting my kids) was *smarter* than the bottle, and broke through the Childproof cap.  She then proceeded to share the entire bottle of gummy vitamins with her friends.  Upon calling poison control; we discovered that they are relatively safe to ingest (although obviously not recommended.) The guy at poison control laughed and said that they’ll have a good “Cleaning” of their system – but because there is no Iron, the rest of the vitamins are self-regulated and and excreted from the body as needed.

Opening Gummy Vites

Thankfully my boys still have troubles opening them.  Meanwhile – we’re doing our best to be sure to keep them up at the top of the medicine cupboard so that this doesn’t happen again!

I do highly recommend all of the L’il Critters Gummy Vites for your L’il Critters at home – especially if your kids are so busy like mine! You can find L’il Critters at Target, Costco, and several other stores nationwide. Costco has the best deal for the larger bottles at around $10 a bottle.


  1. We always took the flinstone vitamins as children, always loved them

  2. I keep thinking that ‘gummy bears’ is a patented candy name. Even if it isn’t you’d think a reputable company would not of patterned their gummy vitamins after a commonly known candy. And yes, unfortunately there is nothing like a kid to get a childproof cap open.

  3. Richard Hicks says:

    I am all for them getting their vitamins and this is an easy way for them. You addressed the overdose issue which at first concerned me. Still I would keep them out of reach and out of sight

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