Do your kids love Crafts? Not mine….

January 24, 2012

I’ve been hearing the buzz all around us that now is the time to register Andrew (who just turned 3) for Preschool.  I’m a little hesitant.. here’s why.

I really had full intentions of doing a Homeschooling program for Preschool – I looked into several online curriculum’s for Andrew (being that in September, he was still 2) I found a nice free curriculum for 2 year olds that was biblically based and VERY craft oriented.


I was super excited for this – because I *love* doing crafts – and I was sure that I would love helping Andrew figure out each weeks crafts – and had visions of my walls and fridge filling up with tons of popsicle stick crafts and feathers and paint galore.

I went through the curriculum to see all the craft projects they had in store for the first few months of the program – and found a great affordable online craft supplies store, Factory Direct Craft, and ordered things like acrylic paints and brushes and beads and those cute puffballs…  I even went as far as ordering a laminating machine – so I could make cute flash cards and numbers and letters that are all laminated!

While we waited for our crafts to arrive, we did fun things like ‘put the fire out’ on the driveway with chalk and water –

DSC00484We played with different textures like rice and beans, and made a seek-and-find bottle.


It really was a lot of fun doing these projects with him – but the ultimate reality came when the supplies arrived in the mail! I was *so* excited to get him into the paints and drawing and coloring!!

But what I found out???

Andrew doesn’t *do* crafts.

He simply doesn’t have the attention span for painting, gluing, or anything else that has to due with ‘craft’ like projects.

I should have had my first sign of this sitting at restaurants.  A Crayon can entertain him for about…. 30 seconds.

So I’m a little terrified of him going to preschool and not being interested in participating with the rest of the kids while they do learning related crafts.  I mean – that’s what I remember about preschool and kindergarten – it’s all CRAFTS!

Do your kids enjoy painting or coloring or other crafts??


  1. my kids love to do crafts and draw i think they get it from me

  2. Oh my word! I think you just described my son. He hates to be messy, which doesn’t help either. *sigh* Now you’ve got me scared. LOL!

  3. My son just turned 4 and he isn’t into crafts either–except cutting :). The preschool teacher even asked me if we do crafts at home and i told her “we try”. At our preschool, they do lots of other fun things like songs, gymnastics (he learned to do a summersault and jump on one foot), and lots of free play.

    Don’t worry, there are other kids out there like yours…

  4. Amanda N. says:

    My son just turned 2…and he just does not care about that stuff, either. I can get him to draw with crayons occasionally, but it doesn’t usually last long. I’ve tried to have him draw with chalk outside and he’ll make a few lines, but then he just starts loading his chalk up into the “trunk” of his ride-on toy. He’s more interested in having me “make letters” and “more letters” than doing any drawing or writing himself. I’ve had him paint things for his Daddy for Father’s Day and he did NOT like that. I finally gave up and used his feet to make footprints and THEN he decided it was sort of fun and gave me a couple minutes of effort on it.

    He also hates puzzles, but loves putting his train tracks together “By myself!”. So maybe he just doesn’t like crafts and things like that because he feels that he needs help doing them? LOL Kids…

  5. All three of my boys do not like crafts either. Please don’t let that determine his success at preschool. Nowadays they are about so much more, at least the good ones are.
    My youngest at not even 2 1/2 goes to preschool for two hours to days a week and he loves it. Crafts are optional. And my four 1/2 year old also attends the same school and also has optional crafts. Usually he doesn’t do them, but sometimes he does.
    Preschool is social interaction, play, exploration, circle time, and reading not just crafts. Don’t lose hope:)

  6. My daughters enjoyed crafts when they were younger. My grandson on the other hand has the shortest attention span and won’t do ANY crafts. He’s 2. Preschool should be interesting for him… haha!

  7. My kids like crafts, but at that age their attention span isn’t long enough to do anything too detailed. It’s tough getting a kid that age to sit still at all! LOL!
    I love the firehouse/water chalk craft. Maybe I’ll have to do something like that with my kids! FUN!

  8. My son loves to do crafts, I really should do them more with him.

  9. Looks like alot of fun! My kids still like to do crafts and they are all over age 9, but one of my twin boys.. ADHD.. could not sit still for anything when he was smaller. lol

  10. My kids love to do crafts, but they can’t sit still for very long either, which makes things difficult. Preschools are pretty flexible though, when it comes to keeping the kids busy. There will be plenty of things for him to do there!

  11. My girls LOVE crafts! That’s all they do all day! Interesting that most people above have boys who are not interested in crafts and girls who are. Wondering if it’s a gender thing?

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