Do You Remember Lincoln Logs??

March 13, 2012

When I was younger, I loved the Lincoln Logs set that I had.  I would always end up building the same old house – but It was always so fun.

I think I loved it because whenever we would drive up north to see my grandparents, we would drive through these rural wooded towns, where more than half the the houses were Log-Cabin style homes, and I would pay attention to how the logs were put together to create a nice home. imageI had pretty much forgotten about Lincoln logs until my last chat with K’Nex – where I was browsing their site to see what my kiddo’s might enjoy reviewing from them – and I had a total blast from the past!

Who knew that K’Nex made Lincoln Logs?!  Not me!

So I was really excited {for Andrew} to play with them when they arrived in the mail.. ok, maybe for myself too Winking smile

DSC02551We first built the house on the box.

Then Ethan came near us- and it took all but two seconds for him to totally destroy the cabin we built. DSC02556

So we built something else!

And now we typically take the logs out when Ethan is napping or already in bed.

(Can you tell by the last few posts that I can’t wait for Ethan to get a bit older, so we can enjoy the fun toys that Andrew has?)DSC02564

We did get a few other toys from K’Nex, but I’m not a huge fan of them…  They were cool to set up once, but then after that the pieces just got separated and thrown into the toy box, not to be touched again for a while. Hate to say it, but I actually donated them, because I just didn’t want the extra toys in the house if they were just going to take up space.


What I really am excited for is for the older kids’ version of K’Nex – like their rollercoaster!  That’s something that would be exciting for both my husband and I (Oh yeah, I suppose the kids too!)

Do you secretly hope that your kids ask for fun toys that you can play with???


I received the K’Nex products free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  All of my opinions are my own, and are not based on compensation.


  1. Believe it or not, I still have my Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, and Legos from when I was little. My son plays with them now!

  2. How could I forget Lincoln Logs? I had no idea that K’nex made them, but that makes sense!

  3. We love “linky logs” in our house. Gabriel has had them since he was 3.

  4. love Lincoln Logs! I think the classic toys are the best.

  5. I loved playing with these as a kid. I need to get my boys some, they would have a blast!

  6. Brings back great memories! I’m getting old…so now I have a couple of generations of great memories of lincoln logs! They were one of my ‘faves’ as a kid to play with – I was the only girl w/ 3 older brothers and their toys were alway more fun, so loved building them w/ my brothers (hmmm..guessing I was more ‘in the way’ in there memories ;). Now our son is 15….so they haven’t had much use at our house for quite awhile. They’re stashed in the basement cuz I just can’t let go of those memories. (along w/ Thomas the Train, Rescue Heroes, My daughter’s doll house, etc, etc..)

  7. Lindsay Benedek says:

    WOW, What memories. I LOVED lincoln logs. WHen i have kids of my own I am going to dig these out! Classic toys ( and cartoons) should stay around forever!

  8. We LOVE our Lincoln Logs! Shane has no clue how to use them but I love watching Justin build things for him & it makes for fun family bonding 🙂

  9. Betty Baez says:

    Ok maybe I live under a rock but I’ve never played with Lincoln logs. That k’nex roller coaster looks awesome I think I would have more fun with it than the kids 😉

  10. Yes, we always played together with our Lincoln Logs. Imagine the creativity of four children! Well, I think we mostly left my youngest brother out because he had lots of “baby things” to do.
    Gladys P

  11. loved Lincoln Logs! They were always a favorite!!

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