Do You Have Any Hidden Talents?

June 27, 2012

Did you know that your hidden talents can make you money?

Now you see it, now you don’t!

Even if you aren’t a natural born magician, learning to do simple magic tricks is easy! Being a magician or a clown for hire at kid’s parties is a great way to make some extra cash while keeping a flexible schedule for yourself and your family.

balloon animals

Are you great at managing money?

Budgeting isn’t something that everyone is good at, but if your talent is money management, why not use it to help others? Families of all income levels are needing help these days, so why not use your skills to help them out – while making an income for your own family?

Can you play an instrument?

Teaching kids (or adults) how to play musical instruments is an easy way to put your talents to good use, while earning some extra cash. If you need some fine tuning yourself, check out Great Scores for sheet music to brush up a bit.

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Looking for a career?

If you aren’t sure if a part-time job is right for you, have you considered a new career? When searching for a new career, you have to consider not only your talents, but what you would enjoy doing for the next 20, or even 30, years.

Careers with the highest job satisfaction ratings are: fire fighters, school counselors, pediatricians, and criminal investigators. It seems like public service jobs have a higher satisfaction rating because even though they don’t pay as well as some jobs, the pay is generally decent and these are the types of jobs that you need to really enjoy to stick with.

Highest paying careers are: orthodontists, surgeons, physicians… basically anything that requires a ton of schooling. If that is a commitment you are ready to make, then go for it!


In the end, I think it all comes down to balance. Finding something that will pay the bills but won’t take too much time away from your family is key. Make it a mutual decision between your partner and yourself, and talk realistically about how much work will go into your new money making venture – whether it’s a side job being a clown at kid’s parties, or a career as a therapist.



  1. That was a great post for those needing some financial help as most do these days. It was a nice read too. Kind of encouraging!
    Gladys P

  2. That was a great post for those looking for work or something extra to fill their time or financial obligations. It was nice read too giving ideas outside the mainstream or jobs that fill the need for satisfaction by helping
    Gladys P

    My computer ate my first comment 😀

  3. I am very good at managing money! I use coupons and I can get stuff without paying so much money for it! I also and very good at multitasking and getting things done very fast! I can whip up a fancy dinner in 15-30 minutes!

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