Decorating Babyland for Christmas!

December 3, 2013

We’ve started decorating Babyland for Christmas! Actually, we set up our tree two days before Thanksgiving because I worked Thursday through Saturday and we were excited to get it up. It is a fake tree (not nearly as fun as really) but it looks nice and we put evergreen smelly-sticks in it so it smells good.

Christmas Time

I want to celebrate Jesus as the real reason of the season, and I totally love all the good family-gathering fun that goes along with Christmas as well.

2013 Decor

Mamas & Papas Christmas Fun

Mamas & Papas provided me with a few Christmas decorations in exchange for sharing their great Christmas line with you! I have a Magical Christmas Stocking and  Chirpy Christmas Robin and they are super cute and fun!

Mamas Bird decorMamas Christmas Stocking Details

Magical Christmas Stocking

Everyone needs a stocking, no matter what age. Even if you don’t like santa, it’s fun to have a stocking full of secret little trinkets, stuffed animals, or candy. I loved emptying my stocking growing up and want Micah to have happy memories too! Stockings don’t have to be filled with expensive things to be special! The Mamas & Papas Magical Christmas Stocking is not only incredibly spacious, it’s cute, kid-oriented, and so soft! Definitely a good stocking option, at a totally reasonable $12.99!

Mamas Spacious Stocking

Chirpy Christmas Robin

Peter’s mom’s favorite bird: the robin. Her Christmas tree is covered in them! Now Micah has a jingly robin of his own, and he likes playing with it. He’s really good at shaking, and with a jingle bell inside, this soft robin is fun to shake. With the ring on the top, the Chirpy Robin can hang from anyone, or just be a fun toy on the floor. Mamas & Papas also makes a singing santa, but I think the robin is cuter. Either one goes for $8.99.

Mamas Christmas Bird

Mamas & Papas also has tons of cute clothes and other Christmas items, so make sure you check them out online, or on Facebook and Twitter, for more!

Mamas Christmas Stocking


  1. nannypanpan says:

    we are getting our tree this weekend, can’t wait to start decorating

  2. We got our tree up two days after Thanksgiving, as well. My grandsons were so excited to help decorate this year now that they’re older and understand more what Christmas is all about.

  3. shelly peterson says:

    we had our tree up over a week before Thanksgiving, kind of regretting it since my 1 yr old grandson wont leave it alone lol. but its longer we get to enjoy it. Mamas & Papas has some nice Christmas decorations.

  4. Mary Withrow says:

    Abagail is fasinated with lights right now, so I couldnt wait to set it up but had to wait to the day after Thanksgiving. Safety! keeping cords, glass bulbs off and keeping ours safe, was most important for the children (cat visiting) and our dogs who love to chew on things as well, lol. The children each have a 4ft tree of their own for there decorating and redecorating pleasure. We make items right up to new years for their trees and this year will be no different.

  5. I love the robin. So cute. What festive ideas!

  6. ellen beck says:

    I love babies and toddlers at Christmas! Bright eyes and everything is a new experience. Such a wonderful pictures !

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