Date Night at Red Robin #redRobin

April 27, 2013

Being married for 10 (almost 11!) years and having two kids has really done a number to mine and my husbands Quality time together.  I mean – I love my husband dearly – but, I don’t love that I don’t get to ‘date’ him as much as we used to.

If I had the money, I’d be sure to have a regular weekly babysitter set up for certain days of the week so that my husband and I could get out… but that gets COSTLY!  Not to mention the cost of the actual date night activities (food, movies, shopping for groceries.. <—-Yep, a real ‘’date night winner’).

Thankfully, neither of us really eat too much – and we both like the same foods (or, really – I like what I like, and my husband will eat just about anything!)  so we often times share a meal, so we can have an appetizer or a desert – and a little more variety to our dinner plans.

Red Robin

One of our ‘old stomping grounds’ – where my husband and I would take the drive to get to before we had kids – was Red Robin. And now that we’ve moved so much closer to the Red Robin in the area – we had not been back.  Not because we didn’t remember it, but because we didn’t often get the chance to go out, and when we paid a babysitter – we would usually do something more needed – like go to Target…

I missed their freckled lemonade (delicious chunky strawberry lemonade) – and their fried zucchini…Mmmm. (I haven’t eaten dinner, and this sounds so amazing to me right now!)

Zucchini Sticks

So I was *so* excited to have received a gift card from them to check it out again.  It really brought back some great memories of great date nights!

My husband and I both love teriyaki sauce – and therefore we absolutely love the Bonzai burger.  The Bonzai Burger is Marinated in teriyaki & topped with grilled pineapple, Cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.  It is a messy burger – but sooo amazing.  We split this burger. I can usually take about 3-4 bites, before I hand the rest over to my husband to finish off…

Bonzai Burger Red Robin

We also were able to enjoy a few drinks! I love me some Long Island Iced Tea’s – so I got the T.N.T – which is Red Robin’s version of the Long Island. Sooo good!  I love that for $7.99 the drink comes in a HUGE glass, and I definitely only needed one drink for the evening.
My hubs was able to get a tall beer, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Red Robin Drinks

Now that we’ve got Red Robin back on our taste-buds – we’re definitely making it a priority to visit again, soon.  I was looking at the kids menu and saw some really great things my kids would love, too – so maybe even a family date!

Have you ever been to a Red Robin?

Do you and your husband date? How often?


  1. Sherri Lewis says:

    I love Red Robin. My daughter likes the seafood platter and I like that and their burgers. I haven’t tried the bonzai burger yet… it looks good!

  2. Sounds wonderful! My husband and I have never been there before. I don’t think we even have one within a 50 radius. I do agree that it is nice to get out and enjoy the company of just each other once in a while. My husband and I can now do that with no kids at home anymore but so went the finances with the kids. LOL That’s okay we still have the old front porch.

  3. Sue Hull says:

    I’ve never been to Red Robin but after seeing that burger I’m going to make it a point to go soon. I’m not married. I’d go with my mom,sister’s and neices. That food made me want to that now. I have to wipe the drool off my chin and go enter your giveaways. LOL!!

  4. Robin Wilson says:

    Never been, but there is one close to us and I hear that it has the BEST burgers! You keep going out on those dates! We do, 29 years and going! :o)

  5. Christine Halstead says:

    I have never been to Red Robin. I do remember seeing those great commercials. Seeing your pictures and hearing how much you enjoyed, I think I have to make an effort to go.

  6. jamie braun says:

    ive never been! i see the commercials all the time, but we dont have one in St.Cloud:( its looks awesome and that fried zucchini really does look amazing! JEALOUS!

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