No. You Cannot Have *My* Griddler

September 20, 2012

So, yes.. Blogging has it’s perks.  I love some of the items that I get in the mail SO much, that I just cannot share with anyone.

The Cuisinart Griddler is one of those items that I’m just not going to share.  Because I love it.

Best Buy Blogger Badge

The day that I got the Griddler in the mail as part of the Best Buy Wolf Blogging Ambassador program I’m involved with, I saw the picture on the front.  Yeah, The one with the bacon and eggs… and all of a sudden I just *had* to have some.Cuisinart Griddler

So I washed it up a bit, and fired her up. (Yeah, it’s a She.)


It’s so easy to change the griddler plates from the grill style to the flat style.  Since I was planning on making a big breakfast for the boys and myself, I wanted it set up like the griddler vs. the panini, but half smooth – and half with the grill grates for the bacon.

Griddler Breakfast

My favorite part of the griddler was the ease of making eggs over-easy. Nothing broke – I didn’t need oil – and I had nice runny middles with perfectly cooked outsides.   YuM!

Cleanup is a snap, too.  I can easily throw the grates into the dishwasher {if I happen to be running a load right then…. ha. ha. ha.} OR I can wash them by hand. The non-stick grates are so easy to clean.

Washing the Griddler

The next day I decided to take on Lunch with the Griddler.  After all, I hadn’t even put it away from my counter top yet.  That’s when I made the Peanut Butter Quesadillas with Jelly!

Griddler Lunch

And then a few nights later, I was enjoying the griddler even that much more – by making dinner.  Honey Dijon Grilled Pork Chops!

Griddler Dinner

So as you can see – the Griddler has become part of my family.  So when someone like… my mom… comes over and asks me what kind of cool stuff I got to review lately, and then asks if she can have it?  I’d highly recommend that they stay away from the Griddler.  It’s currently my number 2 small appliance in my house, Just falling short of beating out my crock pot (because I like to walk away while I’m cooking…).

You can find the Cuisinart Griddler Countertop Grill and Griddle at Best Buy for $99.99 – a great option to add to your upcoming Christmas wish lists! Open-mouthed smile


I also got some really cool OXO stuff from the Best Buy program as well – Of which my absolute favorite is my drinking cup.  I love large drinking containers with straws, because I drink SO much more water when I have them.  It’s come quite in handy while working these last few weeks – and while this cup has taken many tumbles w/my toddlers – it doesn’t break like all of my other straw cups do!  So that’s great!

Best Buy carries a HUGE line of products from OXO – so be sure to Shop Online at for all the greatest deals and items!

What’s your number one small appliance in your life?

The reviewer has received compensation for this post in the form of the reviewed product or a gift card.


  1. Why don’t they ever make something like this for large families? Like a family of seven?

  2. OMG I’m making cheese quesadillas tonight but I’m totally gonna make a PB one (or two) for the boys to try too!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That griddler is awesome! I love that the plate goes in the dishwasher!

  4. Oh I’m jealous, I know something I want hubby to get me 😉 those pork chops look mouthwatering delicious!

  5. We got one of the Griddlers a few years ago because we love Cuisinart and we could not be happier. We use it almost every day for something and it seriously makes life easy. Glad to hear you like yours too!

  6. Nancy Mundale says:

    I really would like you to share!!!!

  7. my number one appliance, sad to say lol is the coffee maker 🙂 unfortunately its not me who is in the kitchen a lot, i should but it’s just not in my genes! 🙂

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