My preschoolers LOVES making up words. We eat blorbadeems (fried eggs with cheese) for breakfast some days and our snowman this winter had some sort of long nonsense name that changed every two minutes (probably because he forgot and kept making a new one). The word he uses most is “clobbed” and I’m pretty sure it should be added to the dictionary. 

Clob (verb)

Like crowded, but with items instead of people. Stuffed, full, or stuck. Mostly used in past tense. 

Example: This car is clobbed up with beans.

He says his head or throat are clobbed up when he’s sick, the road is clobbed up when it’s busy, and we clob our life when there is too much going on. His closet is all clobbed up when it won’t close. 

Pretty sure if he would clobber someone, he would just bury them in his stuffed animals. 

What do you think? Do you need to un-clob your life and find some laughter in a preschooler’s craziness?

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