Nursery Makeover

Micah hung out with Janice all day and Peter and I went to the church and painted! Micah wouldn’t have been much help (unless we wanted to paint hands and feet all over the walls and floor!) so it was awesome that Jan could hang with him.

Our Inspiration for color!

Nursery Makeover inspiration

We painted! The nursery was all yellow, and super dirty and patchy! So it needed an updated. The women’s bathroom: all pink. ALL. Even the ceiling. So I used the yellow from the nursery and got some white for the ceiling to give it a fresh look. The men’s room will also be getting a white ceiling sometime next week.

Bathroom makeover fresh paint

Removing Wall Paper Borders

The painting was pretty easy. It was the prep work that was time consuming! Removing the wall paper borders was the worst. In the nursery, the border came off pretty easily…. just peeled the paint right off the wall with it! Oops. I tried to get it to come without peeling the paint off, yeah right. Didn’t work, the paint would just be peeling underneath it. Then I just had to get it wet, scrape off the glue and residue pieces, and wash it. Ready!

Nursery makeover yellow and green

The bathroom wallpaper, on the other hand, wouldn’t come off for anything. Parts of it were already peeling so I would pull at those but they wouldn’t pull more, they would just tear off. So I got it wet, no help. Finally, I used the corners of the scraping tool to score the whole thing like a diagonal checkerboard, got it wet, let it soak, got it wet again, and viola! I could peel off the top, paper layer of the border in little scored squares. Then, got it wet again, let it soak again, and scraped off the under layer. Finally, washed off the glue (which left a brownish stain in some places) and phew! done. I took hours, with a lunch break in the middle while it soaked. The scoring REALLY helped, I wish I would have done it right away.

Wallpaper border glue stain

Painting While Pregnant

We made sure the rooms were very well ventilated while we painted, and took frequent breaks to step out of the room, get a drink or snack, and relax for a minute. The hardest part was painting the ceiling, I was careful to not let myself get dizzy or off balance. Thankfully I don’t have much of a belly to throw off my balance yet!.

Bathroom makeover

Next step: putting up the decorations and putting it all back together! Watch for upcoming posts about one of the beautiful work of art we get to hang, and the cute Delta Children’s toy shelf we get to fill with toys!

Nursery Makeover painting done!

Then, take it all back out to replace the dirty, partially blackened, stretched out carpeting!

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