Children’s Place Review

May 3, 2012

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned to you all about my obsession with the clothes at The Children’s Place.
They are cute, comfortable, trendy, practical, and relatively inexpensive.
Especially when you catch their sales where they offer 50% off of the clearance prices – like I happened to run into.

photo 3
Ok. Let’s back up a bit.

I was recently given a $50 gift card to The Children’s Place and was able to choose whatever clothes I wanted to review.

I arrived at the store where they essentially were getting rid of their entire stash of winter clothes.

Good news for me!

Last year I {accidentally} bought all of Andrews shorts and t-shirts one size too large (but made it work). And now that Andrew is potty training –  I went earlier this spring to the children’s place to purchase elastic waited shorts for Andrews ease of use.

photo 4

Therefore, I don’t really *Need* any summer clothes for either of the boys.
But buying clothes on the next size up for the boys and sweatshirts for this summer = Amazing! <3 <3 <3

photo 2

I love Children’s place quality and know that I won’t be disappointed in what I buy.

They were running a little low on size 4T stuff – but had their premium jeans on clearance in Ethan’s current and next size up.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned – but in case you didn’t read this last post about children’s place – I *LOVE* their premium jeans.

Anyway. If you have been doing all of your clothes shopping at target because you assume that the children’s place is too expensive – I urge you to check them out.

The quality is great, they’re very cute – and  I got ALL of this for $53.00.
That is: 3 pairs of {Premium} Jeans, two Sweatshirts, and 2 long sleeved Thermals.

photo 5

Where are your favorite places to find great deals on your children’s clothing?? alogo1


  1. Wow what a great deal. I love their store too. I can get such great deals for the granddaughters and still stay in my budget.

  2. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    wow, you really got a great deal, we don’t have this store near us, I guess you can order online. Thanks for the review.

  3. Sarah L says:

    My favorite place is thrift stores and garage sales. Why buy new when kids outgrow clothes before their worn out?

  4. Great deal for good quality clothes! I like to go a little cheaper out of necessity (usually I hit up clearance.) The difference is I can buy it or leave it. You found great deals. I luv Children’s Place. Last time I was there (it is an hour away) I found the cutest pj’s for my 3 grandchildren to go with their dvd’s I had won them for Christmas.

  5. I like shopping there because everything is so matchy you can make dozens of outfits with a few pieces

  6. kelly willis says:

    wow great savings

  7. These are terrific savings! Thanks for sharing this awesome deal.

  8. Tammy S says:

    I love Children’s Place. They have some of the best deals around. I used to shop there all the time when my kids were younger. Now I really watch for clearance sales and I always check Old Navy for sales. It just is a matter of shopping around for the best deals.

  9. Vickie Couturier says:

    my daughter an I love the childrens place,great place to buy kids clothes for school,decent prices an the latest sytles

  10. Sandy VanHoey says:

    My daughter just went there a few weeks ago and I couldn’t believe the deals she got on clothes for my grandson. most for next winter. Amazing! Their clothing is so nice and stylish as well

  11. I have always liked Children’s Place for its relatively good quality at an affordable price. Last week, I just purchases several size 7/8 T shirts from their website and compared them to the 7/8 T shirts from last year. Boy, their quality has gone way DOWN! Last year’s Ts were thick…the kind that you can pass down to a younger child. This year’s T’s are very THIN and of a poor quality! They are about the same thickness as the Hanes white undershirts! I worry that they will only last one summer. So much for the “great deals” that I thought I was getting.

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  14. Our local store put up a sign saying, ” Restroom is for Customers. Children from Mall Can Use Other Restrooms” The other restroom is clear on the other side, and we can shop if we have to stop! It is ridiculous for a Children’s store to have such a lack of consideration for small kids and such a failing grasp of suggestive selling. If they only care for our money and NOT OUR CHILDREN, then I think we should all boycott! One child who frequently uses their restroom has Spina Bifida and will now have to hold it and walk a much farther distance! Unconsciousable!

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