Cheese Curds! I can’t believe people don’t know about these!!

May 13, 2011

If you’ve never heard of a cheese curd, Listen uP!   I’m going to explain them to you – and make you want them ever so badly Smile

While participating in the Dialect Vlog Hop – I noticed that not many people have even ever HEARD of a cheese curd! Coming from Minnesota, (right next to Wisconsin) EVERYONE here has heard of cheese curds, and I’d even venture to say that Most people I know have tried them – and probably most people I know, love them – at least in moderation.

Cheese CurdA cheese curd is cheddar cheese in its natural, random shape and form before being processed into blocks of cheddar.

There are two ways that I love cheese curds:  Fresh, or Deep Fried with Batter.

Fresh Cheese Curds:

Fresh cheese curds are famous for their ‘squeak’.  I learned once at a cheese shop in Wisconsin, that if the curds are at room temperature, they will have the squeak – and they taste much better.  You can also microwave them slightly to regain the squeak to them.  Their texture is unique. It feels much like string or mozzarella cheese –but a little bit slipperier, and when you squeeze the curds; they are springy or rubbery feeling.  It sounds gross – but they’re delicious, so just hear me out Smile

Cheese Curds1Curds have many flavors – but typically I purchase the plain varieties: white or yellow cheddar.  They are mild in taste, and highly addicting.  There is a reason that they are typically sold in larger bags.  You say you only want one; but 15-20 curds later – you realize that you should have bought more.

Deep Fried Cheese Curds:

Basically, a Deep Fried Cheese Curd is the same as a fresh cheese curd, but it is dipped in a batter and then deep fried.  You then get a delicious, crispy – but slightly greasy outer shell; with ooey-gooey insides that melts in your mouth! This is making me so stinking hungry for Cheese Curds! cheese curds - fried

They are typically found around here at any county fair or more popularly, the state fair.  I could probably find the statistics reporting how many hundreds of thousands of pounds of cheese curds the MN state fair goes through; but I’m kinda tired Smile It’s a for-sure item on my trips to the state fair.  I usually get them on the 4th of July at the local fair we are at as well.

I still am in total awe that I am privileged enough to have known and tasted and enjoyed cheese curds – but many of you had NO idea! Smile

But now you know – and you need to try them Smile Next time you come to MN to visit the Mall of America, find a place that sells them. I know there is a cheese shop that sells fresh cheese curds; and I’m sure there is a restaurant that deep fries cheese curds just for your lunch, or whatever!

All of the information I gave you is coming from my heart, as well as from this website which talks about the origin of Wisconsin Cheese Curds: and is much, much more detailed than I have posted.  You can also purchase fresh cheese curds and cheese curd batter so you can fry up your own delicious cheese curds at home! Amy K2 Post Disclosure 2


  1. hahahaha!! LOVE this post!! I am going to link to it in my Dialect post so people can find it and learn. This is great.

    My family brings me fresh cheese curds every time they visit from WI. You know they are fresh cause they squeak in your teeth! LOL

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  3. It’s not at all what I thought it would be. I’ve never seen anything like that in our markets; only blocks, rounds, or in tubs (feta or fresh mozzarella cheese). Hmmm…I’m on a mission now to find it in LA. Must taste it!

  4. Oh they sound soooo yummy!!! I want some now 🙂

  5. I have heard of them, of course I live in Wisconsin,lol. But I never tried one. I am going to get some at the fair this year.

    • Wow! I can hardly believe that you live in Wisconsin and have not tried them! You will not be disappointed, If you like cheese, that is 🙂

  6. Amylynn says:

    My husband got me hooked on these. I had never heard of the before. I’m from the South, he is from Western NY. They are delicious!!! I know exactly what you mean about the squeak. 🙂 Now I am craving some….

  7. LOVE the cheese shop in MOA – every time we visit we get them! I grew up in Southern Manitoba where fresh cheese curds are a refrigerator staple, we knew it was time for a fresh batch when they didn’t “squeak” anymore! Now I’m hungry for some!

  8. Mmm Cheese Curds! I can’t find them ANYWHERE here in Ohio. But I do know about them because I’m Canadian. POUTINE!!! That’s what cheese curds are used for!

  9. The most popular way for people in Canada to eat cheese curds is in poutine, which is French fries covered with cheese curds and then smothered in gravy. It’s so popular up here that you can even get it at Burger King. I love ’em.

  10. I am originally from western NY and ate these all the time! can’t find them much here in the south – or when you do they are $10 a pack!

  11. Great post on one of my favorites! Growing up in Wisconsin, we always did the microwave trick to make them squeakier, and stopping to get cheese curds when I return to Wisconsin is a must – both fresh and fried! Our favorite place to get fresh curds was a place in Fennimore – think it’s Cabot cheese now, but when we were kids we’d always get excited to see Igor the mouse, who guarded the best cheese.

    Thanks for the post!

  12. Yum! I only go to the Minnesota State Fair once every couple of years! It is the only time I eat fried cheese curds! Best in the world! Well worth the wait!

  13. I have a feeling I will be travelling hundreds of miles to the Mall of America!

  14. We moved to North Carolina from Wisconsin, but I’m originally from Minnesota and we miss cheese curds. No one here knows about them! Every time we go “home,” we get them, but it really is awful not to be able to have them whenever you want!

    On the other hand, we’ve discovered things here that we love, that weren’t available “up north” — like yeast rolls and hush puppies (I don’t like them but my kids do), sweet tea is everywhere, and wherever we go, restaurants make their own “potato chips” – delicious!

    • Teresa — I’m a Candian living in Florida frequently craving fresh cheese curd. Last summer while travelling thru NC — we got weary of the interstate and randomly went down some secondary roads. We found a great cheese factory in West Jefferson NC called Ashe Cheese Factory that has very good cheese and fresh curd made on site.

      • Neil,
        Thanks so much! My son is looking at their website now. We will definitely make it a point to stop when we take our next trip toward the mountains. I just looked at the cheese curds on the site, and they are reasonably priced too! You may be able to order them online.

        Thanks again for replying to my message. This is great to know.

  15. Oh my goodness! I adore cheese curds. Especially deep fried. nom nom nom

    I am born and raised Wisconsinite and moved to Florida 5 years ago and haven’t had them since before I left. I miss them! 🙁

  16. These are SO good! I didn’t know about microwaving them. My kids love these too. We first discovered them at a local farm, but they do have them at the grocery store too.

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