Micah’s 3 Weird (Cheap!) Toys

June 16, 2013

So, when a woman gets pregnant, after the excitement of telling friends and family, she gets on the computer or goes to the store and starts looking at…… BABY STUFF!

So much baby stuff! Enough adorable little onsies and outfits and shoes to clothe a hundred babies, and bedding to keep all those babies comfy. Strollers, car seats, stuffed animals, shoes, rocking chairs, and more! I could easily spend a thousand dollars in any baby store (bad idea)!

And the best thing to look at: toys! From stuffed animals to the most complex activity tables full enough to overwhelm anyone for hours. My little guy is just 6 months old and he quickly took over the living room with his toys. (I have to brag on my little man a bit, he’s getting really good at purposefully grabbing and moving toys!) He loves them all, but he has a few favorite toys that I never expected…..

1)  A balloon!


A partially deflated dollar store balloon (from December) became a thrilling toy when he realized it crinkles and moves and is so easy to grab and lift! And it’s big enough he can play with his feet, hands, or both! He kicks it, grabs it, shakes it around, and tries to eat it. The crinkling scares him at first and then makes him giggle. It offers amusement on his stomach, back or sitting but I never leave him alone with it just in case he would get it stuck over his face.


2) A rubber animal


Also from the dollar store, or cheap at superstores, these little rubber, squishy, spikey “animals” were given to Micah by one of his grandmas a few weeks ago and he loved them! Great to chew on and super easy to grab, he will play with one until it’s so slimy I have to take it away to clean it. They do get sticky after a while, but are easily replaced with a new one.


Some of them even have little light balls inside for fun fascination when it’s darker out! And the little spikes stretch (he hasn’t been able to break any yet) and are fun to pull then watch pop back into place. It makes diaper changes and quiet times (like church) so much easier!

3) Grass


So, not really a toy, but sitting outside in the grass seems to be more than just relaxing, it’s fun for Micah to feel the grass and he will run his fingers in it for long periods of time. He also likes to sit in our yard to watch the cats play and the cars go by our house. And I get to spend some time outside this way!


I’m sure there are many more cheap toys that will entertain him as he gets older and more creative, and I look forward to seeing what his little mind and chubby little hands can do.

What other cheap entertain have you all found for babies and toddlers?


  1. Love the cute baby pictures especially the one where hes chewing on his toes. My great grand daughter used to do that to LOL. Toys for kids, buy them all the expensive ones in the world and they will play with the empty box , thats how it usually goes. So dont spend alot of money on toys .

  2. Robin Wilson says:

    Isn’t that always how it works? You get them a great toy and then they end up wanting to play with the box it came in! He is a cutie I have to tell ya!

  3. Sarah L says:

    Pots & pans are lots of fun.

  4. Karen Glatt says:

    What a very cute baby boy you have. I just loved looking at him playing with all the items that you would never expect to be a toy! I like it when he puts his toes in his mouth. The balloon looks like so much fun to play with!

  5. Kate F. says:

    My nephew just turned one and he loves balloons!

  6. I remember when my daughter was little, I spent hours at the toy store reaching all of the toys/activities that were appropriate for her age. For the first several years, her attention quickly went from the gift to the box…especially if it was big enough for her to crawl in!

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