Delicious Frozen Lunch Entrees from Jimmy Dean #ShineAnytime

October 17, 2014
Delicious frozen lunch entrees

Every morning I wake up and make my sons school lunch. While I’m putting together a PB & J almost on a daily basis, I am rather uninterested in them myself. I appreciate hot food much more than the sandwich. So when I have to figure out what I am going to have for lunch that day – I end up stuck. I certainly don’t have the time or the energy to prepare myself a meal in the day, so {Read More}

#Robeez is Ready for Halloween

October 16, 2014

Robeez shoes Robeez is ready with a new line of shoes for halloween and fall! Soft Soles with animals and aliens make great shoes for trick-or-treating or fall parties. We love the Robeez Soft soles collection because the soft shoes last a long time, are soft on Micah’s feet and my skin (when he sits on my lap or steps on my toes), and promote good muscle development because it’s like walking barefoot without the dangers and dirtiness of being {Read More}

Bath Time with the Tubby Table

October 14, 2014

Bath Time with my Toddler! Micah used to love bath time. Then he discovered the shower and it terrified him, which left him scared of the tub for a while. We gradually got him back used to the tub (and more used to water falling on his head thanks to our local Splash Pad), but he’s quickly become bored of his tub toys. He still loves playing in the water, but he gets bored of keeping the water inside the {Read More}

Nuby Squeeze ‘n Squeak

October 10, 2014

Another item Nuby sent me for review was the Nuby Squeeze ‘n Squeak. This cute little animal is full of fun for baby! As always, opinions are 100% my own. Nuby Squeeze ‘n Squeak With rings for chewing (or gumming) on, a squeaky tummy for squeezing, and a soft head, it can be fun for months! I got the moose, but there are also an elephant and lion to choose from! The fabric is soft  with multiple textures and the {Read More}


October 8, 2014

Before I had kids, I said I wouldn’t use pacifiers. About 48 hours after I had Micah, he had a pacifier in his mouth. My colicky, recently circumcised little man’s favorite thing to do was suck. So, if he wasn’t breastfeeding or sucking on a finger, he was crying. He wouldn’t even sleep more than 30 minutes without having something to suck on. So, pacifiers kept me sane. He still uses a pacifier at night and nap time, and wails {Read More}