I Love You More! #PreciousMoments

February 4, 2016
precious moments

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, which means finding sweet gifts for those you love to show them that love! It’s kind of an intimidating holiday, but there are tons of super cute gifts for kids so I can check them off easily! One cute gift for the girl in your life, young or old, is a sweet Precious Moments “Love You More” figurine.  I’ve always loved Precious Moments, they are adorable and comforting. So when the opportunity came to {Read More}

Watching my Babies Play: Motorola Video Monitor

February 1, 2016
Motorola options

I enjoy keeping an eye on my kids. Whether it’s a sleeping baby, how-is-he-still-awake toddler, or playing siblings, it’s really nice to be able to see my children without being in the same room as them. The Motorola MBP853CONNECT Digital Video Baby Monitor can do all this and more.  The best feature of the Motorola Baby Monitor is the remote movement ability. By simply pushing a button, I can change the view of the camera (up/down/left/right). This means I can find my {Read More}

Kyocera Waterproof Phone

January 20, 2016
kyocera hydro air

I need my phone for three things: being in touch (calls/texts), taking pictures, and checking my email. Games and Facebook are a perk for sure! I also have two little kids, so my phone needs to be drop-proof, bump-proof, and drool-proof. If you’re like me, you like the functionality of a smart phone but don’t use all the perks and options of an expensive piece of technology. The Kyocera Hydro AIR is fully equipped for a busy you at a {Read More}

ABEO Clogs are Awesome!

December 10, 2015
abeo clogs

I LOVE my ABEO clogs. As a nurse, I’m on my feet a lot, so good shoes are a necessity. I’ve always used running shoes as my go-to, but they only last so long and 12+ hour shifts leave me with sore feet. Then I got an email about ABEO and their new brand representative Chef Anne Burrell. I figured a chef is on her feet a lot, these shoes must be worth checking out. I’m so glad I did {Read More}

LeapTV: DoodleCraft game

December 5, 2015
leaptv doodlecraft

We love our LeapTV and are looking forward to many fun years of playing it! LeapFrog also sent us four games along with it, one of them being a fun creativity game called DoodleCraft. This is a fun At first, I thought this would be a lot like MineCraft for kids and, in a way, it is. DoodleCraft is an island where kids can build, plant tree, interact with and help the people of the world, and simply be creative. {Read More}