Daisy Fuentes Spring Collection at Kohls

April 22, 2014

In celebration of of the 10th Anniversary of the daisy fuentes® collection at Kohl’s, I was given a gift card to go and try out some of the daisy fuentes® collection and share the love for these items with you. I thought long and hard about how to do this: as I don’t exactly trust my husband to take photos of me trying on outfits… So I thought it would be a great GNO (Girls Night Out!) for my friend {Read More}

Father’s Day with SOL REPUBLIC #Giveaway

April 22, 2014

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are about honoring and thanking your parents. This Father’s Day, I’m not only incredibly thankful for my dad who taught me more than I’ll ever know, but also for Peter, who is a great husband to me and father to Micah. And he will be a great dad to this new little bundle in my belly! SOL REPUBLIC wants to help celebrate the fathers and mothers in your life! They sent me a pair of {Read More}

Earth Mama Angel Baby

April 18, 2014

I’m not a huge advocate of organic products and never really pay attention to the ingredients in my lotion, but in honor of Earth Day, I tried out some Earth Mama Angel Baby products and was totally impressed! Opinions are 100% my own and not influenced by compensation. The Earth Mama Angel Baby products are 100% organic and 100% awesome. Earth Mama Angel Baby The Earth Mama lip balm is my absolute favorite. The first time I put it on {Read More}

Keep your Feet Happy with PROFOOT!

April 16, 2014

National Foot Health Awareness Month April is National Foot Health Awareness Month. Didn’t know that did you? It makes sense, with spring cleaning and warmer weather, we spend more time on our feet and less time on the couch with hot cocoa (hopefully!). So, what better time to start paying attention to how you are treating your feet? After all, your feet are incredibly important and affect essentially everything. PROFOOT wants to help keep your feet happy and healthy with {Read More}

Nursery Redo: Flor!

April 12, 2014

Flor Floor No, I didn’t misspell it, Flor Carpet Designs Squares provided me with the carpet squares to cover the nursery floor, and it looks amazing! It’s only been in a week and I’ve already gotten lots of compliments about how good it looks. Opinions here are 100% my own, not influenced by Flor’s free carpet squares. My opinion: they take some time to install, but can be done by anyone, even without carpet installation tools or training, and look {Read More}