“Finding Dory” Inspired Sandwich made with Nature’s Harvest® Bread #Sweepstakes

June 29, 2016
Dory Inspired Sandwich

Have you had the chance to catch“Finding Dory” in theaters yet? We were able to see it and we loved it! That’s why we were thrilled to team up with Nature’s Harvest® and their great giveaways on their Facebook Page through July 7th, where you can enter to WIN weekly prizes, including movie tickets, autographed posters and more.  No purchase necessary. See official rules here. There are only a few days left to enter, so be sure to get in there for your {Read More}

Los Pollitos/Little Chickies Nursery Rhyme Bi-Lingual Book & App by Canticos

June 8, 2016
Ethan Reading Los Pollitos

I love that kids are now learning Spanish in school from a young age. My youngest learned a bunch of spanish words this year while in pre-school, and next year in Kindergarten he will be starting a whole new spanish program. They learn immersion-style from a spanish teacher who comes to their classroom every day. My oldest son who is finishing 1st grade has already learned SO much! I love learning right alongside him, and always encourage him to go {Read More}

Scrubs for the Working Woman! Maevn EON

June 5, 2016
maevn uniforms

Maevn EON Scrubs As an Emergency Room nurse, I wear scrubs many times a week. While they look like comfy pajamas, there are some big perks to good scrubs that not all brands and designs have. So, when I was introduced to Maevn EON Scrubs, I was excited to check them out and see if they fit the needs of a busy ER nurse. As soon as the Maevn EON scrubs arrived, I knew I’d like them. They are covered {Read More}

Living smarter with BellaBeat LEAF

June 3, 2016
LEAF Fitness

A woman’s health is a huge aspect of her life! Health is made up of some many things, including activity level, relaxation time, sleep, and menstrual cycle! There are a lot of step-counters out there, but the new big thing in women’s health-tracking is the BellaBeaf LEAF! TheBellaBeat LEAF handles a TON of health-related tracking, provides reminders, and is a lovely addition to any outfit! The BellaBeat LEAF is a step-counter, activity-tracker, relaxation encourager, medication-reminder, menstrual cycle tracking piece of beautiful {Read More}

Hard Rock Cafe is Celebrating Burger Season with a World Burger Tour #WorldBurgerTour

May 31, 2016

Summer is fast approaching, and that means it’s burger season!! Hard Rock Cafe is celebrating with the Hard Rock World Burger Tour, with a menu showcasing international Local Legendary™ Burgers. The limited-time World Burger Tour menu is available through Thursday, June 30, 2016.  This year, HardRock is also offering a literal  World Burger Tour, a travel package that takes the most adventurous burger enthusiasts on the road (and the skies) to sample offerings from the World Burger Tour menu at HardRock Cafe locations in {Read More}