Instagram is Still Missing on BlackberryZ10: Sideloading

September 30, 2013 Hi Grinning Cheek to Cheek Peeps, it’s Kelly from Muddy Flowers, checking in with you all about the Blackberry Z10. We are in month 3 with reviewing the Blackberry Z10 and I have one question for everyone out there… Am I the only person in the whole world who is missing Instagram on the Blackberry Z10? On my site Muddy Flowers I was hired to write a post about some awesome school supplies for kids. In the instructions for my {Read More}

Blackberry Z10 goes to the State Fair #sponsored

August 30, 2013

Disclosure Stuff Welcome to the Minnesota Fair! Every year I get to take a much need break from my busy world and celebrate something I love… Food! I always have a blast when I am hanging out with my pal April and there is no better place to spend the day than at the State Fair. The smell is overwhelming! If you plan it right you can go on a day where it isn’t too crowded with more sun than {Read More}

Is it a fair fight? Blackberry vs. the world

August 28, 2013 Hi, it’s me Kelly again from Muddy Flowers. I am still kicking it with the new Berryberry Z10 and the more I use it the more I wonder if it is even fair to try to compare it to other Smartphones. In case you may have just joined me on my adventure of reviewing the new Blackberry Z10 phone from Verizon for Amy’s site, I wanted to tell you I have not used any Blackberry phones in the past. {Read More}

The Camera Rocks on Blackberry Z10 – review

July 31, 2013   Hey, it’s me (Kelly from Muddy Flowers) with the new Blackberry Z10 – Taking photos is something I love to do with most of my time. I was thrilled to find out Blackberry Z10 had a special feature just for me! Take a look at my video to see it… I added some photos of my favorite features in case you can’t watch the video. My number one reason for liking the new Blackberry Z10 is the face {Read More}

My New Relationship with Blackberry Z10

July 11, 2013

Hey Grinning Cheek To Cheek Readers, it’s me Kelly from Muddy Flowers and now we run Beyond The Tent, too. Once again I am going to be reviewing a new cell phone from Verizon for Amy. I was super excited to find out which phone she was bringing home from her trip when she went to the Verizon conference in Chicago. My family and I were taking guesses to which one it would be and my husband was right! It is {Read More}