Sauder Edge Water Entertainment Credenza – An Update!

November 7, 2014

A few months back I shared with you all about our newest piece of furniture from Sauder. We hand-picked the Edge Water Entertainment Credenza because of how sturdy and classic it is, and we had more than one place that we could use it: in case if we change our minds…Like we often do. We started with our Sauder Edge Water Entertainment Credenza in the dining room. We knew that we wanted a piece for our dining room which otherwise {Read More}

Sauder Edge Water Entertainment Credenza

July 18, 2014

When my husband and I were first married 12 years ago we wanted everything in our new home to be JUST right. But because we both were students it didn’t quite work as we would have hoped. We slowly bought a few main pieces over the years, but when kids came along all of our furniture needs revolved around them and not around our home design. So when I had the opportunity to review a piece of furniture from Sauder {Read More}

Tips for House Hunting

June 28, 2014

We Bought a House! We’ve been renting since we couldn’t find a house we liked when we initially moved to AZ and we recently started looking at houses again. We found one we liked in our price range and we close July 10th! Which is absolutely crazy being a month before baby is due, but hey, life is crazy. So watch for lots of posts about moving and making a house a home, especially pregnant and then with a newborn! {Read More}

Organizing your fridge with the Home collection by Post-it® Brand, Scotch® Brand and Command™ Brands

May 15, 2014

This post is brought to you by Post-it Brand. I received samples as well as a thank-you gift in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. With my ever-changing work schedule, kids’ activities, and general house chores: my life needs to be a little more organized. Especially because 2-3 nights a week I am away from home during dinner – I have to somehow communicate with my husband. Typically this has been done on the fridge. Lately though, {Read More}

Nursery Redo: Flor!

April 12, 2014

Flor Floor No, I didn’t misspell it, Flor Carpet Designs Squares provided me with the carpet squares to cover the nursery floor, and it looks amazing! It’s only been in a week and I’ve already gotten lots of compliments about how good it looks. Opinions here are 100% my own, not influenced by Flor’s free carpet squares. My opinion: they take some time to install, but can be done by anyone, even without carpet installation tools or training, and look {Read More}