Nursery Redo: Flor!

April 12, 2014

Flor Floor No, I didn’t misspell it, Flor Carpet Designs Squares provided me with the carpet squares to cover the nursery floor, and it looks amazing! It’s only been in a week and I’ve already gotten lots of compliments about how good it looks. Opinions here are 100% my own, not influenced by Flor’s free carpet squares. My opinion: they take some time to install, but can be done by anyone, even without carpet installation tools or training, and look {Read More}

Delta Children’s Nursery Toy Shelf

March 16, 2014

With the nursery repainted and redecorated, we also needed a new toy shelf. Delta Children donated a Multi Bin Toy Shelf! Opinions are 100% my own and not influenced by compensation. Delta Children Multi Bin Toy Organizer The Delta Children’s Sesame Street Multi Bin Organizer is bright, colorful, and kid-sized. Micah can reach all the bins! Since the top bins are smallest, he can safely pull them off without me worrying about him hurting himself. The Multi Bin Organizer was {Read More}

Phyllis Harris Designs: Nursery Art Giveaway!

March 8, 2014

The nursery is painted, the border is up (using 3M wall stickies), and we got to decorate! One of the pieces of art I was most excited about was the beautiful work of nursery art sent to me by Phyllis Harris Designs. I also get to giveaway a work to one lucky reader! Opinions are 100% my own. Phyllis Harris Designs: Nursery Art Phyllis has illustrated over 30 children’s books and created Phyllis Harris Designs to brighten up rooms with {Read More}

Church Nursery Makeover! Painting

March 6, 2014

Nursery Makeover Micah hung out with Janice all day and Peter and I went to the church and painted! Micah wouldn’t have been much help (unless we wanted to paint hands and feet all over the walls and floor!) so it was awesome that Jan could hang with him. Our Inspiration for color! We painted! The nursery was all yellow, and super dirty and patchy! So it needed an updated. The women’s bathroom: all pink. ALL. Even the ceiling. So {Read More}

Babyland Redoes the Church!

March 4, 2014

Nursery Redo! Babyland’s next big move: we are redoing the church nursery! The board agreed it needs a fresh look (desperately, it’s been 10 years by the sound of it) and liked my plans, so now I get to repaint and redecorate! I’ve also had a few companies come on board, such as Delta Children’s products and Flor, to help in the process. I’m waiting to hear back from others as well, let me (Andrea) know if you want in! {Read More}