Buffalo Chex Mix Recipe

March 2, 2015
Buffalo Chex Mix a

When entertaining for family and friends, I’m always looking for a creative type of munchy-snack that is both easy to make and terribly delicious. I love using Chex Mix Recipes for snacks because they’re so simple, and produce amazing results. You really can’t go wrong with whatever you put in your mix! We recently had friends over for a game night: and I was looking for my next awesome snacky recipe. I was talking with a friend about it and {Read More}

Helping kids stay healthy #giveaway

February 25, 2015

Be Active! Video games are a huge draw to both kids and adults, and they can help kids with problem solving and sometimes teamwork, but most don’t encourage activity or imagination. So, limit the video games and encourage kids to get up and be activity, not just for 30 minutes, but for the majority of their day! Micah loves playing games on my phone, but I limit him (sometimes selfishly because I want my phone, but also because I want {Read More}

My Buckle Mate #Giveaway

February 23, 2015

All too often a buckle is hard to reach, falls over, gets stuck between seats or just all around is too hard to buckle quickly and smoothly so you can move on with the trip. When you are ready to get on the road, a seat belt is absolutely necessary, but you don’t want to spend extra time and effort working with a difficult one. So MyBuckleMate created a small contraption that keeps back seat buckles propped up and easy {Read More}

Make Dry Skin Soft Again! with Vaseline #giveaway

February 18, 2015

With blizzards and continued cold weather up north, and hot weather starting here, it’s a good time to think about good lotion again. Whether you are facing hot or cold, weather extremes can quickly and miserably dry out your skin and leave you itchy and raw. Vaseline Intensive Care lotion wants you to embrace the cold weather and enjoy! Vaseline Intensive Care lotion can keep your skin soft and smooth with it’s special mixture of humectants (which draw in moisture) {Read More}

Gynoii Video Baby Monitor Review and #Giveaway!

January 26, 2015

I’ve reviewed quite a few video monitors, some way more expensive than others, and having a video monitor definitely beats an audio monitor as baby becomes mobile. I love being able to spy on Micah after I put him to bed, it’s fun to watch him read to himself or play with his stuffed animals. And it’s the only reason I knew he was using wipes to “clean” the floor a few nights in a row (before I removed the {Read More}