Garden Update: Fruits of my Labor

July 18, 2012

Wow. My garden has been FLOURISHING. No kidding, I can hardly keep up with how much stuff is going on with it right now. My tomato plants are taller than the crates around them, and still growing each day.  I’d guess they’re about 9feet or so? Except they’re all bent over – because nothing is holding them up any more!! Yikes! I’ve got a new jumbo tomato ready each day, and sometimes more than one.. not to mention the millions {Read More}

Garden: Do Flowers REALLY make everything better?

June 29, 2012

I started this year with GREAT intentions on my garden.   I wanted to get all of the vegetable garden planted, but then also getting TONS of flowers planted. I wanted ALL of these boxes filled with flowers galore.

Garden Update: A little more re-arranging

June 28, 2012

The day of moving my sugar snap peas – I had my first cut salad – I decided that I didn’t like the taste of some of the lettuce I was growing – It was a weird variety (I don’t even know what it was!) but I didn’t like it. SO I pulled that, had one last yucky salad – and then spread out my beautiful lettuce heads that were way over crowded. Also: Big mistake. They Died. They came {Read More}

Garden Update: Can I transplant Sugar Snap Peas to a Different Area in my Garden?

June 26, 2012

Sooo… Yeah – I got a bit ahead of myself when I was planning out my garden plots.  I didn’t read up enough before planning it all out, and to me: those seeds looked so small, and the space looked SO big!!I was excited for my raised bed vegetable garden, but I made a bit of a mistake with my spacing – especially with the Sugar Snap Peas. I actually am laughing a little bit at myself here… seeing how {Read More}

Changing things up in my Garden

June 12, 2012

I’m not sure if I mentioned or not.  But after my husband built my box garden – he used the leftovers to make a smaller standing box garden.  We figured we could use this for flowers, or whatever else I wanted. Well… That’s a little off topic, but a good piece of background information for what I’m about to talk to you all about. Jen from and I went shopping a few weeks ago – to a garden center.  {Read More}