Get Creative with RoseArt! @RoseArtFun #ChalkFullofFun

May 30, 2015

RoseArt 75 and Sunny! RoseArt wants to encourage kids to get out in the sun and be creative! On May 19th, RoseArt donated $50,000 to Boys & Girls Club of America and created a 40,000 square foot mural on Santa Monica pier! #ChalkFullofFun! RoseArt knows that art and creativity matter. According to a flyer they sent me, full of research by outside companies, kids that participate in art classes or enroll in art programs and 5x more likely to graduate, {Read More}

Get Healthy and Fit with #Beachbody 21 Day Fix Extreme

March 29, 2015

You’ve probably heard of BeachBody. Or at least you’ve heard of P90X. And you want to get in shape, you really do. But with the toddler at your feet, the baby on your hip, the phone to your ear, food attempting to become dinner on the stove and your next shift at work in bold on the calendar…. working out just seems so out of reach. You are supermom (or superdad). If only getting in shape and eating healthy were {Read More}

Helping kids stay healthy #giveaway

February 25, 2015

Be Active! Video games are a huge draw to both kids and adults, and they can help kids with problem solving and sometimes teamwork, but most don’t encourage activity or imagination. So, limit the video games and encourage kids to get up and be activity, not just for 30 minutes, but for the majority of their day! Micah loves playing games on my phone, but I limit him (sometimes selfishly because I want my phone, but also because I want {Read More}

My Buckle Mate #Giveaway

February 23, 2015

All too often a buckle is hard to reach, falls over, gets stuck between seats or just all around is too hard to buckle quickly and smoothly so you can move on with the trip. When you are ready to get on the road, a seat belt is absolutely necessary, but you don’t want to spend extra time and effort working with a difficult one. So MyBuckleMate created a small contraption that keeps back seat buckles propped up and easy {Read More}

Family Visit to Babyland

January 16, 2015

When my mom, sister and grandma came to visit for Micah’s birthday we had a fun visit! We went shopping for birthday and Christmas presents, had a birthday party, had a Christmas celebration, went to church and got date night! Plus time to just hang out and visit, which was great to be able to catch up with them and with what’s going on in their lives. The best part, “grammy” and “auntie” got to spend time with Micah and {Read More}