Car Accidents are NO Fun!

June 10, 2013

My husband was in a small car accident, that totaled his car.

This picture doesn’t make it look so bad – but under that hood the engine and all sorts of other major parts are twisted up.


No one was injured so for that I am extremely thankful.  But honestly – It happened a few days before heading to Brandcation, which made me question whether or not I should go because it would cost more and we were now trying to come up with enough money for a new vehicle.  I had just gone back to work a few weeks before so we haven’t had any savings built up just yet.

In fact – while I was sitting on the couch finding out which day we would finally be caught up with all of our bills and have a little extra $ from our paycheck to put into savings – was exactly when my husband called to tell me that he needed to get a tow truck because the car was totaled.

Pretty sure it was God’s way of taming my brain from all of the fantastic things I was thinking we would be able to do with our ‘extra’ money – and put my mind back toward saving for a new vehicle.  We had been car-debt free for over 5 years and I promised that I was not ever going to take out a car loan again – so it was one of my original goals with any extra money of me working – to replace my husbands beat-up car.  We were hoping the car would get us through another two years – at least.  It wasn’t worth much – but it was worth a lot to us.

We were able to sell the car to a really nice guy who sold parts for $450. That itself was a blessing, because we figured we’d have to pay to have to haul it off to a junk yard, too.


After weighing several of our options of buying older with cash vs. nicer with a loan – we settled on this 2008 Chrystler Town and Country – which we will be paying for – for quite some time… We went back on our promise – because we understood that buying an older vehicle comes with a lot more repairs than we would likely want to deal with.  This van has only 52000 miles on it – and has already been a huge help in our lives.IMG_4417

(Yes – That’s MORE wood for MORE GARDEN Boxes! More about that, soon!)

We’ve taken a road trip up to Duluth, MN – where we over-packed – yet still had clean floors not packed with bags and other stuff. I *love* the stow-and-go compartments, and have no idea how we ever lived without them!

Just this weekend we went to a Drive-In Movie Theater – where we folded all the seats down and had pillows and blankets and watched The Croods in style.


Have you ever been in a car accident? Do you do car loans or save and buy outright? Do you Love or Loathe Mini Vans?


  1. carla g says:

    I’ve been in several car accidents… cars like to hit me from behind when I am stopped for a light or car turning left despite the fact that all of these drivers had more than enough time to stop. Anywho, we went like 10 years without every having a car loan. We had never had to have a car loan. I *hate* car loans. We ended up getting one for our van after an accident that left us without a car and we didn’t have the funds to buy outright right away. So, a loan it was. I *hate* having a loan and cannot wait for this cloud to be gone!

  2. Karen Glatt says:

    Wow! The car damage to your husbands car does not look that bad, but bad enough to total it. I like your new car. It has so much room, and you picked a really nice color. You are right about not wanting to buy an old car because you will need to pay for repairs. Glad your husband did not get hurt in the accident!

  3. Amy Orvin says:

    I am glad no one was hurt. Car wrecks suck so bad!

  4. I’m sorry about your husband’s car! I’m glad no one was hurt, though.

  5. Robin Wilson says:

    I am so super jealous of the drive-in movie! We don’t have any in our area. I am sorry about the accident ~ grateful as well that nobody was hurt ~ but love your new vehicle!

  6. WOW! Joe really nailed it good!! I am glad he was OK. Your van is very pretty.

  7. Sarah L says:

    I’ve only had 2 cars in the last 25 years. A Toyota for 20 & now my Hyundai for 5 years. I paid cash for both of them by pretending I already had a car loan & putting that money into savings.

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