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These past few months have been absolutely crazy and flying by so quickly for me! I have hardly had the chance to sit down and write out a blog post – let alone sit down and enjoy the sunlight of summer (Which doesn’t last so long in Minnesota…). Being on the go so much this summer has really taken a toll on my ability to keep updating you all about my life – so I’m also very thankful that I have my new iPhone to get online and check Facebook, update Instagram and check and send tweets out. So hopefully you are catching up with me somewhere on those programs!

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I am frequently running out of battery life on my phone – especially when I’m out and about; because I’m always checking something (like the never-ending email…). So when I’m on the go I most definitely need a back-up battery source.  While in Pensacola this past May, I had so many times during my day where my phone just didn’t want to keep up with all the tweeting that I wanted to do. Thankfully, a friend there had an IOGEAR Charger that she pulled out of her purse and was able to hook myself and another friend up to – getting both of us a re-charge in very little time.  I was super impressed, and I knew with my busy summer, I would have to get one of these for myself!traveling with portable chargerI have tried several other backup-sources – like the Mophie – which I purchased just before BlogHer in New York last year.  It worked fine at charging my phone up and giving me a few extra hours of talk time; but I certainly couldn’t hold a conversation on my phone. I could hear myself talking in my own ear (with a delay) every time I used that thing. My family also said that I sounded distorted. So as soon as I got home, I brought the Mophie back to the store. GMP7K_MainCThe IOGEAR is so much easier to use than the Mophie, too. Simply charge up the 7000mAH power pack overnight before you leave on vacation or day-trip.  Then be sure to pack it as well as your devices power cord into your purse or carry-on so you can access it when you start getting low on battery life.  It’s just like a wall charger – except you’re not connected to the wall.

charging two phones portableI am able to charge up my iPhone 5 in about 2 hours, and at BlogHer last month, I was able to get myself and a friend two full charges before the IOGEAR needed re-charging itself. (That’s four full charges!) The best part was that we were still able to use our phones while we were charging.

And even better? I left Chicago with the IOGEAR fully charged – and then a few weeks later while enjoying swimming lessons with my kids (which they had at different times…) our iPod Touch lost its charge, and I thankfully had the IOGEAR with me – so I could just charge it back up while entertaining Ethan during Andrew’s lessons – and then Andrew was able to use it during Ethans lessons.  *whew* disaster averted!

portable ipod charger poolThe IOGEAR can charge anything that has a USB charging point. Simply bring along your charging cable for what you’re thinking may need to be charged – and you’re good to go! – and yes, it even charges the iPad with a 2.1 A output. GMP10K_SellPointThe IOGEAR can be purchased on the IOGEAR Website– in several options of mAH sizes. I felt like the 7000mAH is perfect for what I need it for, which runs about at about $60.

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