Brandcation: Bloggers Gone Costal!

February 28, 2012

I’ve been super blessed to be a part of the MomDot Community and forum for the last year.  When I started blogging – I asked a few of my favorite bloggers where I should get plugged in to – and they all recommended MomDot. I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today as far as blogging goes without that amazing community of awesome bloggers.

MomDot and The community have planned an amazing event, called Brandcation.  This will be their third  event: 

This years theme is Bloggers Gone Costal.   It will be in Pensacola Beach, Florida at the beautiful Portofino Resort.

The event will revolve around team building, growing, learning together in a no-class format.  We’re just getting together, networking, and having a great time experiencing Pensacola!  Meanwhile, we’re working with some amazing sponsors that are looking forward to showing their stuff off to us bloggers – so we can in turn, share their stuff with YOU! 

I believe that there are a few spaces left: so if you’re a blogger – you should definitely sign up!  All the information and details of the itinerary and costs can be found here.

I am super excited that I will be a part of this years Brandcation: Bloggers Gone Costal – and would love to see you there too!


  1. That looks beautiful! I wish I knew about this a couple of weeks ago… I’d totally go!

  2. Oh, I really want to go to a blog conference! I don’t know another blogger IRL, and I need some awesome new friends! I have my sights set on BlogHer, so we’ll see! 🙂

  3. So excited for this!!

  4. I’m so jealous you get to go to Brandcation!! I hope you have fun! I should try and get connected with MomDot!

  5. SUPER jealous! If it was any other weekend I’d be there but that’s Justin’s Grandma’s birthday & they’re making it a family reunion. {Side note: I still considered it, but it’s ALSO Justin’s birthday, so there goes that!}

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