I’ve discovered the best Christmas present for little loved ones! It’s called BookRoo and it’s a monthly book delivery service! Just like you can have snacks, toys, and doggie treats delivered to your door on a monthly basis, this fun family came up with the great idea to deliver books! Our first BookRoo delivery came a few weeks ago and we love it!
Bookroo box subscription

Making Reading Fun

First off, I was excited that I can address our BookRoo box to my son and he was so excited to get a package especially for him! Then I was thrilled to open it and find each book individually wrapped. This adds to the excitement and surprise that reading can bring by starting like a present! The three books in our box are board books, but you can also request paper books for your older readers. They are bright, colorful, fun and (best of all) educational.
bookroo books
The books within the box will always total up to more than you pay, so you always get good bang for your buck. I think the fun of receiving a special package or presents each month makes reading that much more exciting, plus we have new fun books to read without having to remember to walk down the book aisle myself. I love most that BookRoo is family-run, so each package has a personal touch of a little message, the individually wrapped books, and I know I’m supporting a good small business instead of some large corporation.
Bookroo Package
Books can open up doors and windows into amazing worlds of imagination, learning, love and so much more. I loved reading as a kid and I love watching my little ones get into books as well. This plays right into a great Christmas present theme I’ve heard: Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to READ! Plus it’s the gift that keeps on giving through a subscription for as many months as you want!
 bookroo book subscription
BookRoo gave me a free month to review for this post. Opinions are 100% my own and my opinion is that the BookRoo monthly book delivery is awesome!

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