New Bedding to finish off Ethan’s Room!

September 20, 2011

Soon Ethan will be making that very special transition from Baby to Toddler.  It’s hard for me to imagine, because he barely just learned to crawl – and he stood up for the first time on his own (with no hands!) just this morning!  Time is flying here, and I want to make the most of it.

When we moved into this house, I had no intentions of doing any painting, except for in Ethans (and possibly Andrew’s) room.  Andrew had a great, well-planned out nursery, and I thought it’d be sort of unfair to have Ethan’s room be lame.

So I painted stripes on his wall.

The bedding though? Well the bedding was a hand-me-down from Andrews crib days, and it was a little too ‘matchy-matchy’ for Ethans room.

I was able to go to and pick out a new set of bedding for my little man, and I was so excited to do so.
Since Ethan still has some time left in his crib, I figured I’d get the crib set.

The Ever so Adorable blue and brown Geo Modern Baby Bedding 9-Piece Crib set comes with:

    • Crib Comforter
    • Crib Bumper
    • 2 Window Valances
    • Crib Skirt
    • Fitted Sheet
    • Diaper Stacker
    • Toy Bag
    • Decorative Pillow


    I love the colors and how they match so well with the room – but I also really appreciate the bumper.  Our old bumper had four attachments, and was quite flimsy – so I sewed on some strings to attach it better, but then they ended up getting ripped and toggled so much that I finally just tossed the bumper.
    The new bumper is strong, and stays up even without being tied on – However it is good to tie it on so your children cannot remove it.  Our crib has huge slats and therefore most things don’t fit around it.  I was able to make a very small bow on each slat that needed to be tied.  I love the number of ties to secure it as well.


I also had to make my own curtains for the room since the set I previously purchased didn’t have any curtains or any extras.

These curtains aren’t exactly what I needed, being that they are the ‘loop’ style – so I may end up sewing a piece of material onto the back side so I can string it through and hide the under curtains.  Otherwise simply removing the back layer of curtains would work as well.


I decided to hang the ‘toy’ basket inside the crib, because Ethan does enjoy playing quietly in his crib when he wakes up in the morning – and this will allow him do do that without having toys all over his bed.


Overall though, I am very pleased with this set.  I have such a  hard time not looking for Andrew when I’m ‘shopping’ because I know how he will react to different items!  While Andrew has a full-sized bed, I love the colors in the Dinosaur Bedding for Boys, and I truly considered the Kids Western Bedding – but I really couldn’t decide on an overall theme.  So therefore we keep Andrew’s room plain and un-decorated.

Girls would be so much easier to decorate for – I’d easily go for some Butterfly Bedding… too Bad my husband wouldn’t approve of that in my boys’ room Winking smile



  1. This is a lovely room. Wondering what baby bouncer/rocker you have in the corner…

    • it’s a … Hrm… Graco Sweet Peace or something – It’s just like this one, only in teddy bear theme:
      Love it. – it’s been a great swing to own – he sleeps in it when he’s got a stuffy nose or something now – but Andrew wouldnt sleep ‘flat’ for so many months due to reflux, so we were able to have him sleep in the swing chair, inside the crib (because the chair removes) and therefore he got used to his crib still, just not laying flat….
      Downside to that?? It took us forever to get him to learn to sleep flat and without something covering him… we always had the ‘shade’ down over his face and then he could sleep – but then we had to put weighted blankets over the top of his crib to get him to fall asleep and not be so distracted by his room!

      Ethan on the other hand barely used the swing because he’s just too BUSY to sit there.. but he is so calmed by it when he’s over-tired, or if he has an ear infection or stuffy nose we put him in there also just to sleep.

  2. Colleen Maurina says:

    What a beautiful bedroom set – i really like the colors! Our little guy will soon be out of his crib so we will be looking for some bedding for his “big boy bed”!

  3. Love the pattern of bedding you choose. I have 3 boys and am always on the lookout for boy patterns that are nice without being too babyish! We’ll be in need of toddler bedding soon. Thanks for sharing his beautifully decorated room!

  4. Thanks for this posting this. My son’s crib bumper is so flexible, it keeps sliding off place and getting all droopy, it’s like not having a bumper at all. I always wondered if all bumpers were that problematic and just didn’t want to “waste” more money just to figure it out. I guess not though and I need to go find him a better bumper, which translates into “new bedding set” because I’ll be dead, the day my colors don’t coordinate 😉

  5. Very cute room…I didn’t switch my dd over until she was 3 yrs old!

  6. Mandy Kauffman says:

    Very modern design. And definitely BOY!!

  7. I really like how everything goes really well together but isn’t “matchy matchy” (in your words).

  8. Very nice room. I didn’t go all out in the baby’s room since most of my boys have spend more time in my room than theirs lol

  9. Jamie Adkins says:

    Beautiful room….matches in a very eye pleasing way.

  10. Lauren Shapiro says:

    I absolutely love the dark wood for a boy’s room. With the lightness of the blue, and the dark brown, it looks GREAT!

  11. Amanda Alvarado says:

    That is gorgeous! I love blue/brown and pink/brown together! I love the stripes too! How did you get them so straight?? You can come do dd’s room anytime! LOL

  12. Vickie Couturier says:

    Wow,that is so cute,I have 5 grandsons an that is perfect for a little boy an really tastefull,thanks for the great review

  13. This is a beautiful set up. I recently won a pair of curtains for my daughter. Very good quality.

  14. Patty White says:

    I love the stripes on the wall and how great they look with the dark wood crib!!

  15. I love the Blue and Brown combo. The set works really well with the room. I also love the stripes on the wall. It looks awesome.

  16. i love the modern bedding with the striped wall- they both look amazing!

  17. cute bedding!! i also love the stripes on the wall!!

  18. I really like the bedding set but I love how you done the walls!

  19. the color combination is ok but, I’m definitely loving the “retro” geometric shapes in the bedding

  20. WOW- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stripes!!

  21. Hs room is beautiful, yet not girly. Boy items are either so plain or on the gily side. I also ove the color scheme.

  22. I love the blue brown combo. Its so modern and classy. My favorite color scheme. I bet he lves his new room.

  23. I love those colors together. Beautiful!

  24. You did such a great job on the room! The walls match the bedding perfectly!

  25. Kelsi Morrow says:

    I absolutely love it! I just might have to copy the paint job!

  26. Jessica W says:

    His room is adorable! I love decorating my kids rooms, and I never spot coming up with ideas!

  27. OMG I love Ethan’s walls. Im not brave enough to try stripes but I want to in my master bedroom!

  28. Yolanda Robinson says:

    i’ve always loved these colors together. It’s so nice. He’s a very lucky little boy.

  29. Sonya Morris says:

    I love the stripes you have painted on the wall! Brown is my favorite color and I love seeing it mixed with green, blues. or pinks! Yes, it is easier to find things for a girl nursery, three girls here, but the modern look of this room is too cute!

  30. I love it! But then again….I could not not love it.

    It is so very similar to the design concept of my teenage son’s bedroom. If I had a few more hours in this day, I’d take a picture and show you.

    Good taste, momma 🙂

  31. Oh this site is just great. You can get all the accessories that you need to make that baby’s room complete. This makes it so easy for the parents and family to complete the room just as it is envisioned.

  32. That bedding is gorgeous!

  33. I LOVE this room! Especially how the soft light comes in through the drapes.

  34. So adorable!! I really love that toy basket. I’ve never seen anything like that.

  35. Bianca Roman says:

    My son is named Ethan too!! And he’ll be 2 on the 23rd, so I’m trying to see what all I can do with his room. I still live at my mom’s house, so it will probably be a challenge lol. I had purchased those blue/dark/chocolate curtains from Target a while back, but I had gotten them in the longer size. Ethan’s room is so pretty. <3

  36. Wendi Niccole says:

    Love this. Very cute! Kinda makes me want a boy!

  37. This bedding looks fantastic! The nursery is adorable.

  38. The room looks great! My husband painted an American Indian (teepee/buffalo/fire) mural on our son’s wall when he was born, and finding ANYTHING to match that is fun. I’m thinking butterflies too… hahaha Kidding!

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