In the past 2 weeks my 4 year old has been called disgusting, stupid, and annoying. By other young children. One child told other children not to play with my son. And those are just the moments I was near enough to hear it. He’s no angel, but name calling already, really? I realize this happens a lot with kids, so should we just pass it off as kids being kids? While I don’t know what those children have for a home life, it does make me wonder:

What are we teaching are children? About their thoughts, hearts, and mouths? About respect for others and giving people the benefit of the doubt? About demonstrating love even though others may not deserve it?

In a world where many people are quick to judge and very open about those judgments on Facebook and other social media, what are we teaching our children? Are we ok with them following our example?

Even if what you have written has some validity. Even if you are 100% sure your opinion is correct. Are you 100% sure it needs to be said? Are you 100% sure you have stated it well? Would you want your child repeating your words?

Next time, before you hit post, please think (at least) these two things:

Would I say this to their face, to their family, to their friends?

How would I feel about my child saying something similar to another child? Or another child to mine?

Moms and dads, how do you combat name-calling and judgmental attitudes in your house?

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