BabyLand is Moving! #MovingBabyland

September 11, 2013

We are Moving!

We’ve known this was coming and now the verdict is in….

We are moving to….

Are you ready for this?






Bullhead City to be exact. Peter has accepted the associate minister of youth and music position at Valley Christian Church of Bullhead City, AZ.

I’m not sure I’m ready for this! And at the same time, I’m incredibly excited! I was born and raised in Rochester, MN. I went to college in Winona, MN. My parents and siblings live in the suburbs of the Twin Cities (MN). The past few weeks of travel and interviews, then decluttering and putting our house on the market have all led to this. God has opened doors for Peter as a youth pastor, and Micah and I as his family, and we are stepping forward trusting He knows what He is doing.

Moving with a Baby

There will be many, MANY posts about moving to follow, as I’m sure I will have lots to do and say about packing, traveling, house hunting, and getting settled in Arizona! Especially with our little man and 3 cats! So don’t change the channel!

Well, do, because it would get really boring to keep refreshing this page. But tune in frequently! If you’ve moved, I’d love to hear your advice! And if you know anyone else planning a move, send them our link so we can offer each other tips and support.

Here Goes Nothing! and EVERYTHING!



  1. Christa Nolan says:

    Wow! Minnesota to Arizona is a huge move! Praying for your family during this huge life transition. Should be an adventure!

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