Babyland is Growing

October 31, 2013

My 10 Month Old

Micah is growing fast. I can’t believe he’s already 10 months old. He is such a precious blessing. I watch him grow and change and love him so much. He has his daddy’s personality, and most people call him “smiley” or “big eyes”. He definitely has his crabby moments, and he still wakes up sad or angry in the middle of the night frequently, but with some cuddling and pacifiers and a calm attitude, he eventually chills out.

Tonight, we are going to dress up for Halloween! Stay posted for his fun costume!

Micah had his second trip to Mexico in mid-October when my sister, mom, and grandma came to visit Bullhead City and then we spent a day in Yuma with them. It was great to see family and we are really looking forward to February and March times with them, if not sooner.

Love my Auntie

When do I start Brushing My Baby’s Teeth?

Anytime. Just no fluoride. I’ve started letting him play with a kid’s toothbrush (he has 7 teeth!) and he loves “brushing” his teeth. He mostly chews on the bristles, but I help him brush a bit and he loves it.

Brushing Baby Teeth

When Will My Baby Start Walking?

Every baby is different, but hopefully not too soon! This 10 month old is standing steadily! He pulls up easily, has been for a while. Sometimes, he will let go and stand steadily for a bit then crouch, sit, or fall to his bum. Lately, he’s been squatting and standing straight up! Yep, no help at all. He’ll be walking and then running before we know it.

Standing Baby

Babies can be Very Interactive

He smiles, and laughs, and has little ticklish spots. He’s aware of everything and has incredible eye sight – he sees even little bitty things on the floor and immediately decides he should eat them. He loves ooooohing and pointing and definitely enjoys being with other people and kids. He seems to recognize his name, as well as says a word that sounds like “ball” when he sees a ball of any kind.

 What Should I Feed my 10 Month Old?

Just about anything. Just no cow’s milk and we’ve been staying away from acidic tomato and strawberry. Otherwise, he eats everything! He loves food and we mostly give him whatever we are eating, cut into baby-sized chunks.  He also loves his sippy cups and cries if we have a drink and he doesn’t. He can get everything he needs from nursing, but letting him have water and food whenever his little heart desires is fine by me. He does still nurse; every morning. We started only nursing in the morning about a week ago since he was biting and not nursing at his other nursing sessions, and it’s been going great. He’s more interested in food during the day anyways.

Eating an Apple

My 10 Month Old Bites

My, chairs, toys, everything. He has bitten while nursing (ouch!). I, instinctively, holler ouch and he sometimes gets a whimpery lip, other times gives me a mischievous grin. He definitely bites more if I’m distracted or he’s full and is just playing.

Bedtime Routines for Baby

Super important! He’s getting so good at falling asleep at night, but only with his cuddlies and puppy to sing him to sleep. Bedtime is 8pm, wake up generally comes between 6-7, sometimes he even wakes up happy!

He still wakes up angry or scared in the middle of the night sometimes, and most often goes back to sleep. The other day he seemed to have insomnia and sat on my lap tired but wide-eyed for 3 hours. He screamed if I put him in bed, so I just gave up and reclined in a chair with him.

Sleeping Baby

During the day, I mostly cuddle or nurse him to sleep for his nap. I’ve started working on getting him to put himself to sleep again, like he was before we left MN. I’m not an advocate of cry it out at all, but a little fussing or a minute of crying helps him learn to comfort himself while I still come comfort him if he needs me.

Every baby is different and every mom knows her own baby best, so don’t let other moms pressure you into something you don’t think is best for your baby. You know yourself, your baby, and what works best for your family and life better than anyone else.


  1. ellen beck says:

    Goosness it seems you just had him- and look how he has grown! He is adorable and this time is majical enjoy every second!

  2. What a sweet picture of him brushing his teeth. Just precious.

  3. Wow he is just precious and growing so fast! Soak up these wonderful moments with him!!

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